Best Quotes From 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion'

It's been 21 years since 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion' showed us a new level of fun and dumb. Check out some of the comedy's funniest quotes!
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion Photo

Lisa Kudrow stars as Michele and Mira Sorvino as Romy in the '90s comedy 'Romy and 'Michele's High School Reunion.'

The ditzy-but-triumphant girl comedy trope has captured the hearts of each generation in its own unique way. And for Generation Xers, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997), starring Mira Sorvino, Lisa Kudrow, Janeane Garofalo and Alan Cumming, was one fun, wince-worthy and yet ultimately cathartic ride through reliving your dorky teen years and hoping to god you've gotten beyond them, even if by barely.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, we selected some of the cast's most hilarious and dimwitted quotes — like ever.

Michele (Lisa Kudrow): "Did you lose weight?"
Romy (Mira Sorvino): "Actually, I have been trying this new fat free diet I invented. All I’ve had to eat for the past six days are gummi bears, jelly beans, and candy corn."
Michele: "Wow! I wish I had your discipline."

"What a bitch taking your hamburger. I mean, what was that?" - Michele

"Would you excuse me? I cut my foot before, and my shoe is filling up with blood." - Romy

Romy: "I guess I won’t be seeing you at the reunion, but I’ll tell everyone you said, 'Hi!'"
Heather Mooney (Janeane Garofalo): "Why don’t you tell everyone I said to go f*ck themselves for making my teen years a living hell."

"You know, even though I had to wear that stupid back brace and you were kind of fat, we were still totally cutting edge." - Michele

"I was so lucky to get mono. That was the best diet ever!" - Romy

"Michele, that's it! We can go to the reunion and just pretend to be successful. I mean, who's gonna know? They're in Tucson. We're here." - Romy

"I'm the Mary, and you're the Rhoda." - Michele

"Believe it or not, I invented Post-Its." - Romy

"Ordinarily when you make glue first you need to thermoset your resin and then after it cools you have to mix in an epoxide, which is really just a fancy-schmancy name for any simple oxygenated adhesive, right?" - Michele

"When I made my first million, my present to myself was a new face." - Sandy Frink (Alan Cumming)

"I'm sorry. I couldn't find my top." - Michele

"But you know what I finally realized? I don't care if you like us, 'cause we don't like you. You're a bad person with an ugly heart, and we don't give a flying f*ck what you think!" - Romy