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Since the 1960s when Biography premiered as a television show, the Biography name has been synonymous with intriguing life stories. Launched in 1996, Biography.com covers the people you know through stories you don’t. In addition to the fascinating, highly credible profiles we are known for, our daily news operation reports on all facets of pop culture, true crime, and power dynamics. Our scope includes current and historical figures, as well as athletes, actors, musicians, scientists, and innovators from every discipline.

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NUMBER OF PROFILES: 3,079 and counting

Biography.com is home to more than 3,000 profiles of well-known, notable, and lasting figures. We don’t just tell you who someone is; we explain how their contributions fit within the broader societal and historical context. We also research far beyond someone’s resume to share the quirkier aspects about them. (Did you know Queen Elizabeth II owned more than 30 descendants of the first corgi she received as a teenager?)

We take a similar approach with our news coverage, which is why we can tell you that country star Morgan Wallen shares a record with Taylor Swift and The Beatles. And that there have been eight sets of brothers to face each other in a major sports championship. We hope that after spending five minutes with our context, you’ll feel 5 percent smarter.

Since 2023, Biography.com has been a part of Hearst Magazines, one of the largest publishers of magazine media across all platforms with nearly 260 magazine editions and 200 websites around the world, including Good Housekeeping, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and Town & Country. For more about Biography TV specials, visit our partners at A&E Television Networks.

Our Editorial Standards and Practices

All content on biography.com must be accurate, clear, engaging, and fair. Our editorial values include:

  • Accuracy: Biography.com is a beacon of trust in an ocean of information. We take our credibility seriously, in all regards, to deliver facts and insights you can trust. Our staff includes journalists with years of reporting experience and awards to their name. We also hire expert freelance writers who specialize in the beats we cover to ensure sharp, insightful coverage.
  • Relevance: As a news outlet, we focus on current events and conversations. Our content is timely and relevant to your interests.
  • Prominence: We report on people from many industries, but all our subjects are well-known or notable.
  • Durability: Our profile subjects are people who continue to surface in current events or have a lasting legacy that is still important today. You might call them icons.

Fact Checking

All our content is fact-checked prior to publication. This means our editors and freelance researchers use a minimum of two reputable secondary sources, or one reputable primary source, to confirm that all objective information is correct at the time of publication. This includes names, locations, dates, and statistics. When information is lost to history, we promise to be upfront with you about what is scholarly speculation.

Updating Profiles

We regularly update our profiles to make sure what’s included is must-know information about the subject and that all the facts about them are still accurate.

Affiliate Disclosure

Biography.com participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The merchandise we feature on our site is always driven by editorial standards, not by affiliate deals or advertising relationships.


We take our trusted relationship with you seriously and therefore maintain a strict privacy policy.

Contact Us

The Biography.com editorial office is located at 132 S. 3rd Street in Easton, Pennsylvania. You can email us at editor@biography.com. Visit our Contact Us page to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Editorial Team

Bill Strickland Editorial Director; Andrew Daniels News Director

News and Profiles

adrienne donica
Adrienne Donica
Thomas Hengge
colin mcevoy
Colin McEvoy
Thomas Hengge
tyler piccotti
Tyler Piccotti
Thomas Hengge

The news and profiles team publishes daily news articles about whoever is currently in the spotlight and keeps Biography.com’s profiles in tip-top shape.


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Eunice Lucero-Lee

Senior Editor

Courtesy Eunice Lucero-Lee
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Nicole Saunders
Courtesy Nicole Saunders

Katie McBroom Contributor


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Josh Wolff

Director, Video Operations

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Pat Heine

Senior Video Producer

Thomas Hengge
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Laura Chiarella

Video Producer

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Social Media

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Aly Ellis

Deputy Editor, Social Media

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Julia D’Apolito

Associate Social Editor

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Taylor Vasilik

Assistant Video Producer

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