The Queen frontman broke all the rules through his unparalleled voice, outrageous costumes and electrifying performances.

Freddie Mercury remains one of rock and roll’s most outrageous and legendary performers. As the lead vocalist for Queen, the hit-delivering band of the 1980s, Mercury sang in a dazzling voice, pranced across the stage with electric flair and made lasting waves in the music space.

With hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Somebody To Love,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” — the list goes on — Queen’s music is still popular decades after the band’s final performance in 1986. His music aside, Mercury’s personal moments and performances also made a huge impact in the arts and culture space.

From his deep, loving relationship with his best friend and inspiration, Mary Austin, and his battle with AIDs, to his ballet-inspired, gender-bending outfits, Mercury followed his own bold path.


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