Adam Sandler has made us laugh for decades since joining Saturday Night Live in the '90s and starring in classic comedies such as Billy Madison, Little Nicky, Happy Gilmore, and The Water Boy. However, the Grammy-nominated star and beloved funnyman surprised us even more when he flexed his serious acting muscles with his game-changing role as Howard Ratner in the crime thriller Uncut Gems in 2019. After proving to be a true acting chameleon, the Sandman is back with the hotly anticipated follow-up to Murder Mystery on Netflix.

During the red carpet premiere of Murder Mystery 2, Sandler rocked a pair of Hoka sneakers, which had fans and one Hoka-obsessed editor (hi, it's me!) shook.

Adam Sandler's Go-To Hoka Clifton Sneakers

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Hoka Clifton 8

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What Our Team Says

Although not as cushiony as my all-time favorite Bondi sneakers, Hoka Cliftons can keep up with an athletic lifestyle and those looking to become more active. I love sporting mine around town, during long walks through Central Park, and to the office. (I may or may not be wearing a pair of Hokas while writing this story!) I've been rocking Hokas since 2017 (thanks, Dad!), and Cliftons are a great pair of entry-level dad shoes that marry style with function. With over six years of fashion journalism experience, I feel confident calling them a strong contender for the shoe of the summer, at least according to me and the dozens of New Yorkers I spot rocking a pair around the city during my commute.

Our friends at Runners World are also keen on the Clifton sneakers, calling it a legendary shoe that “proved that a shoe could provide maximum cushion without being clunky. The latest version continues that tradition and is designed as an everyday training shoe.”

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His viral sartorial move isn't out of the blue: Sandler has been a fan of Hoka sneakers since at least last summer, when he was spotted rocking the same pair of bright blue Hoka kicks while taking pictures with a lucky fan at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Sandler completed his comfy museum 'fit with a floral short-sleeve shirt (how very 50 First Dates of him, we surmise), loose-fitting royal blue-and-white striped basketball shorts, and gold aviator sunglasses.

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So when did Adam Sandler become an unexpected fashion icon? Well, Vogue named him the fashion icon of 2021, and our friends at Esquire playfully called him a "schlub style icon." Even early in his career, Sandler boldly rocked these casual, oversized looks, but he proved that when it comes to fashion approval from the old guard, the adage of patience is a virtue is really true.

"It took a while. I was working that angle for years," Sandler said during a press junket for the Netflix film Hustle, reports Esquire. "For a while, I was like, 'Please accept me and the way I dress.' And 30 years later, they finally came around."

As for how Sandler decides what to wear, he's a man of the people and keeps things simple: Comfort always comes first, which is why oversized garments have become a huge part of his signature look. "Anything that feels soft, I usually buy. These are pretty good pants by the way," he said during the Hustle event. "I go with a lot of XXL even though I've been told I don't need an XXL," he said. "I wear the XXL shirts. I wear the XXL shorts. I pull my socks up goofy and I wear my sneakers."

Oh, and get this: Based on the pink-and-blue floral motif peeking out from underneath his oversized New York Knicks hoodie, it appears that Sandler might have been outfit-repeating by donning the same shirt he wore to the Louvre. We love a relatable (and sustainable) fashion king!

According to Sandler's IMDB profile, he has two more projects in post-production this year, so fingers crossed we'll be treated to more comfy red-carpet dressing soon.

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