Patrick Dempsey - Full Episode

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Patrick Dempsey grew up in a small town in Maine and wanted to be an Olympic ski racer. After a bad crash ended his Olympic dream, Patrick took off for California to pursue an acting career. "Can't Buy Me Love" was a surprise hit in 1987 and Patrick became one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. He found love with Rocky Parker, an actress 26 years his senior, but the relationship proved to be a personal and professional disaster. Rocky controlled every aspect of Patrick's life and often clashed with the directors he was working with. By the late `90s Rocky was out of the picture, Patrick was struggling to find work and he couldn't stand going to the movies because he was so bitter over the roles he didn't have a chance at. Things turned around for Patrick after he fell in love with his hairdresser, Jillian Fink. She encouraged Patrick to give his acting career another chance. Patrick won an audition for the TV drama "Grey's Anatomy" after Rob Lowe turned down the role.