Comedy Giants

In celebration of comedy, A&E Network premiered three new documentaries exploring the lives and careers of comedy giants Chris Farley, Jeff Dunham and Jeff Foxworthy. Airing across Monday, May 27 and Tuesday, May 28, 2019, the specials delved deep into the careers and personal lives of these dynamic performers to give viewers an insider’s look at what it took for each to reach the top.


Chris Farley

Chris Farley was an American comedian and actor known for his roles on 'Saturday Night Live' and in films like 'Tommy Boy' and 'Beverly Hills Ninja.'


Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham is a popular comedian and ventriloquist, known for his clever antics with his puppets.


Jeff Foxworthy

American comedian Jeff Foxworthy is the largest selling comedy-recording artist in history. He's won multiple Grammy Award nominee and is a best-selling author.

Defining Moments in Comedy