Duane Chapman

Duane Chapman

A bounty hunter who claims to have captured over 6,000 fugitives, Dog's exploits have recently been portrayed on his own TV show.


Born Duane Lee Chapman in 1953, Dog is a bounty hunter claiming over 6,000 captures over his 20-year career. His exploits are captured on his TV show, Dog the Bounty Hunter.


Born Duane Lee Chapman in 1953, Chapman is the oldest of four children raised by a Navy welder father and minister mother in Denver, Colorado. As a teen, he had several run-ins with the law, including being arrested for robbery. In 1977, he was sentenced to five years in prison for the murder of Jerry Lee Oliver.

After serving his time, Chapman vowed to redeem himself by operating on the right side of the law. He caught his first bail jumper on the day of his release and has made it his life's work ever since, claiming to have had more than 6,000 captures over the past 20 years. He owns four bonding companies between Colorado and Hawaii, where he has lived since 1989 with his wife and bondsman partner, Beth Barmore. Chapman has 12 children, and he has been married four times previously.

Over the course of his career, Chapman has become something of a legend, with a list of fugitives that includes Quinton Wortham, the Capital Hill rapist; William Scatarie, white supremacist and convicted murderer of Denver radio shock jock Alan Berg; and, most recently, Andrew Luster, convicted rapist and Max Factor heir.

In 2004, Chapman's celebrity grew when he became the subject of an A&E television series, Dog The Bounty Hunter.

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