Tomas De Torquemada Biography

Priest (1420–1498)
Priest Tomas De Torquemada became notorious for his cruelty while serving as Inquisitor General during the Spanish Inquisition.


Born in Spain in 1420, Tomas De Torquemada served as a priest before being appointed as Inquisitor General by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel in 1483, during the Spanish Inquisition. He became notorious for his cruelty.

Spanish Inquisitor

Dominican priest and inquisitor, born in Valladolid, Spain. He was a Dominican prior at Segovia (1452-74), and was appointed Inquisitor General by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel in 1483. Although debTorquemada did not institute the Inquisition, it was during his 18 years in control that it became synonymous with barbarous torture and unexplained deaths. During his time, 2,000 heretics were burned alive and a further 17,000 mutilated. He drew up the Copilación de las Instrucciones del Officio de la Sancta Inquisición hechas por el muy Reverendo Señor Fray Thomas de Torquemada, first published in Latin in 1592. The term 'Torquemada' has since been synonymous with heartless cruelty.

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