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Television Producer, Scientist, Zoologist, Scientist, Journalist, Activist, Activist, Television Personality (1964–)
Terri Irwin is an internationally regarded wildlife activist and the widow of Steve Irwin.


Born on July 20, 1964, in Eugene, Oregon, Terri Irwin worked in stateside animal care and rehabilitation before traveling to Australia, where she met Steve Irwin, whom she wed in 1992. Having two children, Terri and Steve were professional partners as well, appearing together on programs like The Crocodile Hunter. Steve was killed in a stingray accident in 2006, and Terri has continued their work.

Early Life

Naturalist, conservationist and television show host Terri Raines was born on July 20, 1964, in Eugene, Oregon. Raines' family was in the trucking business, and her father often brought home injured animals that had been hit by his trucks. In her early twenties, Raines opened a rehabilitation facility called Cougar Country that re-educated and released animals such as foxes, raccoons and bobcats back into the wild. She also became a veterinary technician for a local emergency veterinary hospital.

'The Crocodile Hunter'

In 1991, while visiting wildlife rehabilitation facilities in Australia, Terri met wildlife expert Steve Irwin. They married less than a year later and filmed their first television documentary while on their honeymoon. The couple settled in Australia, where Irwin owned the Australia Zoo, and soon starred in their own popular wildlife adventure series, The Crocodile Hunter. The show spotlighted Steve's talent for working with deadly creatures and led to two spinoffs, The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and Croc Files. In 2002, the Irwins released a feature film, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.

Death of Steve Irwin

On September 4, 2006, while filming an underwater documentary in Queensland, Steve Irwin died after sustaining chest and heart injuries from a short-tail stingray barb. Terri and their children, Bindi and Robert, were reportedly trekking in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, at the time of the incident. She held a public memorial service for him at the Australia Zoo in Queensland on September 20.

Later Years

Terri and her daughter currently host Planet's Best With Terri and Bindi on the Animal Planet network. Bindi, who shares her father's fearlessness and on-camera talent, also hosts Bindi: The Jungle Girl for Discovery Kids. Terri was made an honorary Member of the Order of Australia for services to wildlife conservation and the tourism industry in 2006.

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