Squeaky Fromme Biography

Criminal (1948–)
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme was a member of Charles Manson's "Family," who was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford.


Although she was one of Charles Manson's most trusted associates, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme had no hand in the infamous 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders orchestrated by Manson. She was a fixture in front of the Los Angeles courthouse during Manson's trial, however, remaining loyal to him throughout. In September 1975, she pulled a gun on President Ford; she was grabbed by the Secret Service and later sentenced to life in prison. Fromme escaped from prison in 1987, but was captured and jailed until her 2009 release.

Early Life

Squeaky Fromme was born as Lynette Alice Fromme in Santa Monica, California on October 22, 1948. Fromme was a child performer, touring with a dance troupe around the age of 10. After high school, Fromme moved to Venice Beach, where she met Charles Manson. She was instantly captivated by Manson, as were all members of his "Family," and before long Manson invited her to join him in traveling the country, which she did.

The Manson 'Family'

When they returned, Fromme moved into the Spahn Ranch with Manson and his followers, taking care of 80-year-old George Spahn, who nicknamed her Squeaky because of the sound she made when he would touch her.

When Manson and his followers were arrested for the multiple murders they committed in August 1969, Fromme avoided police scrutiny because she was not present at either murder scene. Instead of sitting in the courtroom with Manson, as a show of her unflagging support she camped outside the Los Angeles County courtroom where Manson and his followers were being tried.

After Manson was convicted, he was moved from prison to prison, and Fromme moved from town to town to be near him. Unrelated to her Manson Family activities, in November 1972, Fromme and four others were arrested after a couple was found murdered and buried in the woods. The other four confessed, and Fromme was released.

Three years later, Fromme's luck would run out when she pulled a loaded pistol on President Gerald Ford in Sacramento, where she had lived for three years (17 days later, another attempt would be made on Ford's life). She was convicted of the attempted assassination and sentenced to life in prison. The trial ended with Fromme throwing an apple at the face of the prosecuting attorney, knocking off his glasses.

In December 1987, Fromme escaped from a West Virginia prison in an attempt to meet up with Charles Manson, who she heard had developed cancer. She was captured and imprisoned until 2008, when her parole was granted. Fromme was released a year later.

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