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Television Producer, Actor, Television Actor (1960–)
Scott Baio is a comedic actor and former teen heartthrob best known for his television roles as Chachi on Happy Days and as Charles on Charles in Charge.

Who Is Scott Baio?

Scott Baio was born on September 22, 1960, in Brooklyn, New York. His first starring role was in the 1976 gangster spoof Bugsy Malone. On television, Baio played Fonzie's cousin on the popular sitcom Happy Days and in the spinoff Joanie Loves Chachi. In 1984, Baio starred in the series, Charles in Charge. More recently he's appeared in Arrested Development and had his romantic life documented on VH1.

Early Life

Actor Scott James Vincent Baio was born September 22, 1960, in Brooklyn, New York, to Italian immigrants Mario and Rose Baio. His older brother and sister, Steven Baio (who is also an actor) and Stephanie Baio, are twins.

Baio turned into a tough street kid and his mother feared he was heading for a life of juvenile delinquency. Since his cousins Joey and Jimmy Baio had broken into TV commercials and sitcom acting, he was sent to auditions. He began to land jobs, enjoyed the work and straightened out his behavior.

Breakthrough Role

Baio landed his first starring role in 1976, beating out 2,000 other child actors for the title character in Alan Parker's British-made youthful gangster send-up Bugsy Malone, that also co-starred Jodie Foster.

When he was 16 years old, Baio landed his most famous role a the tough little cousin of Henry Winkler's Fonzie on the popular sitcom Happy Days. Baio played a young greaser who tried Mr. Cunningham's patience while romancing his daughter, Joanie. Baio's parents moved him to Hollywood to help him keep up with the demands of his acting career.

Baio and Erin Moran as Joanie Cunningham were so popular that ABC gave them their own show Joanie Loves Chachi in 1982. The show lasted only one season, forcing the duo back to Happy Days for its final season.

Scott still managed to appear in several films. He was alongside other TV sitcom refugees in Skatetown USA (1979) and reunited with Jodie Foster for Foxes (1980). Zapped! (1982) featured Baio as a quiet science genius who develops telekinetic powers that could undress the high school girls.

Baio also extended his teen idol image by making two albums for RCA, including 1983's The Boys Are Out Tonight.

Post 'Happy Days' Pursuits

After Happy Days ended in 1984, Baio moved to CBS to star as a college student who was hired to watch over three children in Charles in Charge. That was taken off the air after one season, retooled and moved to first-run syndication from 1987 to 1990.

Baio later starred in Baby Talk (1991) and Diagnosis Murder (1993) and appeared in guest starring roles on Veronica's Closet (1997) and Arrested Development (2003). He also tried his hand behind the camera, directing episodes of The Wayans Bros. (1995) and Unhappily Ever After (1995).

Personal Life

Baio went from a teen idol to a reputed ladies' man, dating Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear, Brooke Shields and even Liza Minnelli, who is 15 years his senior.

In 2007, VH1 adapted his reputation into a reality series called Scott Baio is 45... and Single. On the show, he met with a life coach to try and find reasons why he was still single. By the end of the season, Baio proposed to his girlfriend, Renee Sloan, and learned he was going to be a father. The couple married that December.

His journey to fatherhood was featured in the reality show Scott Baio Is 46... and Pregnant, which premiered in January 2008. Daughter Bailey arrived in February of that year.

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