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Talk Show Host, Radio Talk Show Host (1952–)
Robin Quivers is a radio broadcaster best known for co-hosting The Howard Stern Show for more than three decades.


Born in Maryland in 1952, Robin Quivers is a radio broadcaster who is best known for co-hosting Howard Stern's controversial show, The Howard Stern Show, for more than three decades. Her trademark laugh and role as the "straight man" in the "double act" style of comedy on the program set her apart as a woman who is unafraid to take on work in a male-dominated atmosphere.

Early Life

Robin Ophelia Quivers was born on August 8, 1952, in Pikesville, Maryland, to Louise and Charles Quivers, a homemaker and a steelworker. In her autobiography, "Quivers: A Life," as well as on the air, she has discussed the sexual abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father.

Despite the early trauma in her life—and the fact that her parents did not reach high school—Quivers earned a degree in nursing at the University of Maryland. She put that education to work by joining the U.S. Air Force, where she was eventually promoted to the title of captain before her discharge in 1978. Until 1990, Quivers served as a reserve in the Air Force.

Broadcasting Career: 'The Howard Stern Show'

After she left full-time military service, Quivers began to pursue a broadcasting career. She first worked at a local radio station in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and then in several similar positions at local stations elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. In 1981, Howard Stern hired her to be a newscaster on his controversial show, The Howard Stern Show, and engage in a little banter on-air.

Health and Illness

In 2007, Quivers embraced a vegan diet, which she credits with helping her lose 70 pounds. She released a book about her physical transformation, The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life, in March 2013.

In May 2012, Quivers had a large tumor—she described it as "grapefruit-sized"—removed from her abdomen.

Since the operation she has continued to appear on the show, but not in the studio. Sirius XM, which exclusively carries The Howard Stern Show, installed an ISDN line and a small recording space in her home in New York City, allowing her to work remotely while she recovered.

On September 9, 2013, Quivers revealed on The Howard Stern Show that she was cancer-free and had been deemed as cured by her doctors for three months. Her battle with uteran cancer lasted 15 months and included bouts of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. After having been given options on how to prolong her life as opposed to curing her cancer by an unnamed doctor, she began treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York. Quivers credits Dr. Carol Aghajanian for curing her. Upon her recovery, Quivers is expected to travel on a book tour to generate publicity for her book The Vegucation of Robin in October of 2013.

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