Peter Barnes Biography

Playwright, Film Critic (1931–2004)
British playwright and screenplay writer Peter Barnes was well known for his unique, anti-naturalistic approach to theater and film.


Born in London on January 10, 1931, Peter Barnes was a British playwright and screenplay writer. His only major commercial success was The Ruling Class (1968). His later plays, including The Bewitched (1974), Laughter (1978), Red Noses (1985) and Sunset and Glories (1990), prove Barnes to be a master of non-naturalistic techniques drawn from Elizabethan theatre, mediaeval and 19th century farce, German Expressionist drama and the commedia dell'arte. Other plays include Lunar Park Eclipsis (1995) and Corpsing (1996). Barnes died in London on July 1, 2004.

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