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Singer (1985–)
Singer Nadine Coyle was part of top-selling British girl group Girls Aloud.


Born on June 15, 1985 in Derry, Northern Ireland, Nadine Coyle was a winning contestant on the British talent show Pop Stars: The Rivals, and won a place in the pop group Girls Aloud. In November 2010, she released a debut solo album, Insatiable.

Early Years

Singer Nadine Coyle was born on June 15, 1985 in Derry, Northern Ireland. Like her bandmates from the British pop group Girls Aloud, Coyle's musical fame came largely in 2002, when she was crowned a winning contestant by the British talent show Pop Stars: The Rivals. But unlike her groupmates, Coyle had been coronated before. The previous year, while attending Thornhill College, she entered the Irish version of Pop Stars, and was selected as a member of the musical group Six. It was later discovered, however, that at 17 years old, Coyle was under the permitted age to compete on the show, and the songstress had to return to the outskirts of Derry, Ireland to finish school.

Back at home, Coyle, along with her parents, Lillian and Niall, and sisters Charmaine and Rachael, all awaited the singer's next shot at the spotlight. Coyle would eventually compete in the United Kingdom's version of the show, impressing audience members with her powerhouse voice and earning a place in the winners circle, along with fellow female contestants Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh.

Girls Aloud

Together, they comprised the group Girls Aloud, and Coyle would spend the next seven years accumulating 20 Top 10 singles, including four songs and two albums that topped the U.K. charts. On her website, the artist once wrote: "When I thought of pop stardom, I imagined, and I still do have these same visions when I think about it, watching a Diva's Live concert in Vegas and seeing women in amazing long gowns singing their hearts out. The light show's amazing, the band are tight and the backing singers are going crazy. That's what my dream of being a singer was."

But Coyle's time at the top of the charts didn't last forever: In 2009, Girls Aloud announced that they would be taking a one-year hiatus, and by the summer of 2012, they still hadn't reunited. Coyle released her solo album, Insatiable, in November 2010. The album received lukewarm reviews from critics, and reached only No. 47 on the U.K. album charts.

Personal life

Coyle has been romantically linked to actor Jesse Metcalfe, and was briefly engaged to retired American football star Jason bell before the couple parted ways in June 2011.

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