Mireya Moscoso - President (non-U.S.) - Biography

Mireya Moscoso Biography

President (non-U.S.) (1946–)
Mireya Moscoso was a Panamanian politician and the first woman president of Panama (1999–2004). She oversaw the U.S. handover of the Panama Canal.


Mireya Moscoso was born on July 1, 1946, in Pedasi, Panama. She worked on the re-election campaign of former president Arnulfo Arias and joined him in exile when he was deposed by General Omar Torrijos. Moscoso and Torrijos were married and—after his death in 1988—Moscoso returned to Panama and won the presidency in 1999. She oversaw the U.S. handover of the Panama Canal and left office in 2004.

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