Mark Swartz Biography

Criminal, Business Leader
Mark Swartz is best known for the 2002 Tyco corporate fraud scandal that lead to jail time.


Mark Swartz was accused by the SEC of taking loans out while CFO at Tyco, along with CEO Dennis Kozlowski. The original trial was ruled a mistrial because of the behavior of one of the jurors. At the retrial both men were convicted on most accounts of fraud and sentenced to at least 8 years.


Business executive and convict. As the former CFO of Tyco International, Mark Swartz was convicted of looting the company of hundreds of millions of dollars to fund an extravagant lifestyle. In 2005, a state court jury charged him with grand larceny, securities fraud, and falsifying business records. He was sentenced to at least eight years and four months of prison and ordered to pay $72 million in fines and restitution.

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