Louis XII Biography

King (1462–1515)
Louis XII was king of France from 1498 and was noted for his disastrous Italian wars and his domestic popularity.


King Louis XII, born on June 27, 1462, in Chatea de Blois, France, ruled France from 1498-1515. Louis began his reign as king after the death of Charles VIII (who had no children of his own, making his cousin Louis XII next in line for the throne) and annulled his marriage to his wife Joan to wed Charles' widow, Anne of Brittany. As king, Louis made it a point to initiate conflict with Italy, specifically in the cities Milan, Naples and Naples. Louis led the French to numerous defeats against Italy, but he was still popular among his followers in France. He was loved because of his policies that protected the lower class from injustice, the prevention of civil war and invasion under his rule and the financing of war without a tax increase. King Louis XII died on January 1, 1515, in Paris, France.

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