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Actress, Film Actor/Film Actress, Activist, Film Actress, Animal Rights Activist (1953–)
Film actress Kim Basinger won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in L.A. Confidential. She was married actor Alec Baldwin from 1993 to 2001.


Kim Basinger was born December 8, 1953 in Athens, Georgia, USA. She appeared in TV commercials and was a top model before making her feature film debut in Hard Country. Other films include Nine ½ Weeks, 8 Mile, and The Sentinel. In 1997 She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in L.A. Confidential. Kim Basinger's second marriage (1993–2001) was to actor Alec Baldwin.

Early Life and Career

Born on December 8, 1953, in Athens, Georgia, Kim Basinger is an Academy Award-winning actress and model. She comes from an entertainment background. Her father was a musician and her mother was a dancer. 

A dancer from a young age, Basinger branched out into beauty pageants as a teenager. She won the title of Junior Miss Georgia and competed at the national Junior Miss event in New York City. While in New York, Basinger caught the eye of a modeling agent. She soon landed a contract and first gained fame as a model for Breck Shampoo. 

Film Stardom

In the mid-1970s, Basinger moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. She landed a number of small parts at first, making guest appearances on such shows as Charlie's Angels. In 1978, Basinger starred in the TV movie Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold. She portrayed Lorene Rogers in the miniseries From Here to Eternity in 1979 and its short-lived spin-off series the following year.

Basinger made her film debut in the 1981 western drama Hard Country with Jan-Michael Vincent. Two years later, her career started to skyrocket with Never Say Never Again starring Sean Connery. Basinger became the latest actress to play a "Bond girl," a love interest for super spy James Bond. More major film projects soon followed, including 9 1/2 Weeks with Mickey Rourke and Batman with Michael Keaton. 

Financial success also came along with her new found fame. But Basinger became known for her unusual business decisions. In 1989, she and some other investors bought the town of Braselton, Georgia, for $20 million. Basinger sought to make the community near Atlanta a tourist destination, but she ended up selling it five years later as she faced personal bankruptcy.  

Personal Life

While making The Marrying Man, Basinger fell for her co-star Alec Baldwin. The pair wed in 1993, becoming one of Hollywood's most attractive yet volatile couples. This was Basinger's second marriage. Her first husband was make-up artist Ron Britton. He later wrote a tell-all book about their relationship, which was published in 1998. Basinger and Baldwin welcomed their only child together in 1995. They named their daughter Ireland.

Basinger's career floundered a bit around this time. In 1993, she found herself in an intense legal battle after breaking a verbal agreement to appear in Jennifer Lynch's Boxing Helena. The court sided with the film's producers, ordering the actress to pay millions for breach of contract. The case was later overturned on appeal.

In 1997, Basinger gave one of her greatest performances in L.A. Confidential. She starred as a high-end prostitute with an intentional resemblance to actress Veronica Lake in this 1950s crime drama. She won an Academy Award for her work on the film. Despite this acclaim, Basinger soon appeared in more headlines than film roles. She filed for divorce from her husband Alec Baldwin in 2001 and spent years locked in a bitter custody dispute over their daughter.

Recent Projects 

After her divorce, Basinger took on few acting roles. She reteamed with L.A. Confidential director Curtis Hanson for the rap drama 8 Mile (2002) starring Eminem. Two years later, she co-starred with Jeff Bridges in The Door in the Floor and with Chris Evans and Jason Statham in the thriller Cellular.

Basinger's later films include Charlie St. Cloud (2010) with Zac Efron and Grudge Match (2013) with Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone. She has also made a return to modeling, signing with IMG Models in 2013.

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