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Director (1949–)
Jim Sheridan is an Irish film director, well known for his films My Left Foot, In the Name of The Father, The Boxer, and Get Rich or Die Tryin'.


Born in Dublin in 1949, Jim Sheridan is an Irish film director. His first production in Hollywood was the 1989 film, My Left Foot. Although he was a celebrity in L.A., Sheridan chose to continue making films in Ireland. In 1993, he release, In the Name of The Father, about the case of the Guilford Four. Other notable films include, The Boxer, and Get Rich or Die Tryin', starting rap star 50 Cent.


Director, writer. Born February 6, 1949 in Dublin, Ireland. Jim Sheridan began his career directing and writing plays for the stage, most notably 1983??s Spike in the First World War. He graduated from New York University??s Film School in 1981, and his first production for the silver screen was the acclaimed My Left Foot in 1989. Based on a true story, the film starred Daniel-Day-Lewis as Christy Brown, a gifted writer and painter crippled by cerebral palsy. Day-Lewis and co-star Brenda Fricker both won Academy Awards for their performances.

Though wide acclaim for My Left Foot made Jim Sheridan a Hollywood favorite, he chose to continue to make films in Ireland. His follow-up, 1990??s The Field starring Richard Harris, was another success. In 1993, he released In the Name of the Father, also starring Day-Lewis, which was a fictionalized re-telling of the case of the Guilford Four, the group wrongly accused and imprisoned for an IRA bombing. Other notable films include The Boxer, In America (which earned stars Samantha Morton and Djimon Hounsou Oscar nods), and 2005??s Get Rich or Die Tryin?? with rap star 50 Cent.

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