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Television Actress, Actress (1986–)
British actress Jenna-Louise Coleman is best known for playing the Doctor's companion, Oswin, on the popular sci-fi BBC program Doctor Who, and for playing bad girl Jasmine Thomas on the British soap Emmerdale.


Born on April 27, 1986, in Lancashire, England, actress Jenna-Louise Coleman started dressing up and acting out plays at a young age. At 19, she joined the cast of the popular British soap Emmerdale, as the conniving bad girl Jasmine, which boosted her recognition in the United Kingdom. After increasing television and film work, Coleman was cast as the Doctor's companion in the hit popular science-fiction program Doctor Who.

Early Life

British actress Jenna-Louise Coleman was born on April 27, 1986, in the Blackpool section of Lancashire, England. She loved her studies, but also enjoyed dressing up and acting out stories. Joining with a group of friends, she created a theater company called In Yer Space at the Arnold School in Blackpool. Coleman won an award when their play Crystal Clear was performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival.

At age 11, she won a part in the play Summer Holiday, through an open audition in her hometown; she was paid 30 pounds per week and played an Italian bridesmaid.

Acting Career

Coleman's first professional role came in 2005, at age 19, when she was cast in the popular British soap opera Emmerdale, playing a troublesome, murderous young woman, Jasmine. Playing the role for three years exposed her to a large audience in the United Kingdom and brought her growing media attention; she also was nominated for several British Soap Awards. She later scored roles in BBC television productions, including the dramas Waterloo Road, playing another bothersome girl, Lindsay James; and Room at the Top, based on the novel by John Braine.

After a rough patch trying to get additional work, Coleman moved to Los Angeles for three months, where she met several industry contacts and came to understand the audition process at a deeper level.

In 2011, Coleman made her film debut with a small part in Captain America: The First Avenger, directed by Joe Johnston. She later became better known to American audiences when she was featured as Annie Desmond in Julian Fellowes' miniseries for ABC, Titanic.

The actress is perhaps best known for her role as the Doctor's companion, Oswin, and another character, Clara, on the massively popular BBC science-fiction program Doctor Who. As the show has become something of a global sensation, Coleman's chemistry with actor Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor, has fueled media speculation about the two. The show has become the most downloaded show on iTunes in the United States, and the cast is mobbed for autographs almost everywhere they go during Doctor Who promotional appearances.

Coleman's experience with such an iconic franchise has piqued her interest in regard to future projects. "I'd love to be a Bond Girl," she told CNN.

Personal Life

Coleman has no children and has dated actor Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) since 2011.

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