Ivan Boesky Biography

Business Leader (1937–)
Ivan Boesky amassed a fortune of over $200 million in the 1980s before an insider trading scandal landed him with a $100 million fine and prison time.


Born in Detroit in 1937, Ivan Boesky studied law before becoming a successful financier and amassing a fortune worth over $200 million dollars. His involvement in a 1986 insider trading scandal, however, ruined his reputation and landed him with a $100 million dollar fine and a prison sentence. The character Gordon Gekko in Wall Street (1987) is rumored to be partially based on Boesky.

White Collar Criminal

Financier, born in Detroit, Michigan. The son of a Russian immigrant, he studied law and worked as a tax accountant before moving into securities analysis, forming his own firm in 1975. Boesky was credited with (or blamed for) pioneering the junk bond market, later a symbol of the excesses of the 1980s. He had become one of Wall Street's most successful arbitrageurs when he admitted to insider trading charges in 1986. Fined $100 million, he served time in prison before being given parole for good behavior in 1990.

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