Igor Sikorsky Biography

Inventor, Engineer (1889–1972)
Igor Sikorsky was a Russian aeronautics engineer and inventor known for crafting the first four-engine plane and the first working helicopter.


Born in Kiev, Russia (now Ukraine), on May 25, 1889, Igor Sikorsky studied in his home city and Paris before choosing to follow his own vision for aeronautic design. He built the first four-engine plane in 1913 and, after decades of development, would craft the first working helicopter, with its first test flight in 1939. Sikorsky emigrated to the United States in 1919 and in 1925 formed The Sikorsky Manufacturing Corporation located in Long Island, New York. The company evolved into The Sikorsky Aviation Corporation. His company later became a division of United Aircraft Corporation and United Technologies Corporation. A recipient of many honors and accolades, Sikorsky, the head of one of America's pioneering aerospace companies, died on October 26, 1972, in Easton, Connecticut.

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