Hermann Oberth Biography

Scientist, Physicist (1894–1989)
Scientist Hermann Oberth was an influential figure in modern astronautics with his trailblazing ideas on rocket flight.


Born on June 25, 1894, in what is now Sibiu, Romania, Hermann Oberth studied medicine before turning to physics and presenting pioneering ideas on rocket flight/propulsion, eventually publishing the book The Rocket Into Planetary Space (1929). He was able to launch his first rocket in the spring of 1931, and went on to work for Germany and the United States. He died on December 29, 1989, at 95.

Father of German Rocketry

Astrophysicist Hermann Oberth was born in Sibiu, Romania, on June 25, 1894. He studied in Munich, and abandoned a medical career for mathematics and astronomy. His first book, Die Rakete zu den Planetenrmen (1923, The Rocket into Interplanetary Space), established his reputation, and in 1928 he was elected president of the German Society for Space Travel. In World War II, he worked at the experimental rocket centre at Peenemnde, and later assisted Wernher von Braun in developing space rockets in the United States of America (1955-61). He has been called ??the "father of German rocketry."

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