Harry Blackstone Biography

Magician (1885–1965)
Vaudeville magician Harry Blackstone (a.k.a. 'The Great Blackstone') designed some of the most famous illusions of all time, including the 'sawing a woman in half' trick.


Born in Chicago in 1885, vaudeville magician Harry Blackstone (known as 'The Great Blackstone') designed some of the most famous and frequently performed illusions of all time. His classic tricks included 'sawing a woman in half', 'the vanishing bird cage' and 'the floating light bulb.'

Career Highlights

Magician Harry Blackstone was born Harry Boughton on September 27, 1885, in Chicago, Illinois. In a career that began in vaudeville in 1904 and continued in television in the 1960s, he enjoyed his greatest success touring with a full evening magic show (1900-'50). Although he featured elaborate "effects" magic—a floating lightball, a vanishing birdcage—he was also adept at sleight-of hand and card tricks, all abetted by his distinguished looks and bearing.

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