Animal Rights Activist

From actresses and comedians to journalists and anthropologists, famous women of all stripes have used their power, knowledge and influence to benefit animals. Sex kittens Brigitte Bardot and Pamela Anderson have spoken out against wearing real fur, while rockers Chrissie Hynde and Sarah McLachlan have put their famous voices behind PETA and other animal rights organizations.

Additionally, journalist Joy Adamson pioneered the movement to preserve African wildlife; body shop entrepreneur Anita Roddick was a trailblazer in cruelty-free beauty products; legendary actress Tippi Hedren created the Shambhala Preserve for lions, tigers and other big cats; funny lady Betty White and screen star Doris Day have lent their famous faces to causes that promote pet adoption and spay/neuter programs; and scientist Jane Goodall lived for years in the jungle for her pioneering study of chimpanzees. Browse our collection of inspiring famous female animal rights activists and learn how their contributions have improved the lives of every species.

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