Fulgencio Batista Biography

Dictator, President (non-U.S.) (1901–1973)
Fulgencio Batista served as president of Cuba from 1940 to 1944. He returned eight years later and ruled as a brutal dictator until 1958.


Fulgencio Batista was born on January 16, 1901, in Banes, Cuba. He joined the army in 1921 and in September 1933, he organized a revolt that toppled the regime at the time. He was elected president in 1940. His term ended in 1944. Eight years later, Batista returned and gained power as a brutal, controlling dictator. Fidel Castro toppled his regime in 1958, and Batista lived the remainder of his life in exile. He died in Spain on August 6, 1973.

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