Eric Rohmer Biography

Director (1920–2010)
French film director Eric Rohmer was an editor of respected periodicals, including Cahiers du Cinéma, and the maker of films like My Night at Maud's.


Eric Rohmer was born Maurice Henri Joseph Schérer (other sources report his birth name as Jean-Marie Maurice Schérer) in Tulle, Corrèze, France, on April 4, 1920. After working as a schoolteacher, in 1950, Rohmer became a founding editor of La Gazette du Cinéma, and then became editor of Cahiers du Cinéma. As a director, Rohmer made a series of contes moraux ("moral tales") that included the successful films My Night at Maud's and Chloe in the Afternoon. His later films include Full Moon in Paris, Autumn Tale and Triple Agent. He died on January 11, 2010, in Paris, France.

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