El Lissitzky Biography

Artist (1890–1941)
Russian painter, typographer and designer El Lissitzky was a major contributor to the modern Constructivist movement.


Famed painter, typographer and designer El Lissitzky was born Lazar Markovich Lissitzky in Pochinok, Russia, on November 23, 1890. As a teacher at Marc Chagall's art school, Lissitzky met Kazimir Malevich, whose influence is seen in Lissitzky's abstract paintings. In 1922, the Soviet government turned against modern art, so Lissitzky went to Germany. There, his ideas were transmitted to the West via the Bauhaus school. In 1925, Lissitzky returned to Russia and devoted himself to printing, photomontage and architecture. He died on December 30, 1941, in Moscow, Russia.

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