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Television Actor, Film Actor, Actor (1976–)
Irish actor Colin Farrell's gained stardom with his part in the movie Tigerland, which lead to his leading roles in numerous films, including American Outlaws, Miami Vice, and In Bruges.


Colin Farrell started out with roles on the BBC TV show Ballykissangel and the independent film Drinking Crude in the late 1990s. But his big career breakthrough came with his performance in the 2000 feature Tigerland, which earned him praise and recognition. The young actor was subsequently shot into superstardom, landing the leading role in numerous features films, including American Outlaws, Phone Booth, Hart's War, and The Recruit. Since then, Farrell has become one of Hollywood's favorite leading men. Recently he appeared in Saving Mr. Banks (2013) and Winter's Tale (2014).

Early Life and Career

Actor Colin Farrell was born May 31, 1976, in Castleknock, Ireland. The son of a professional soccer player, Farrell grew up with three siblings. He was inspired by his sister to attend the Gaiety Drama School in Dublin. Farrell made his first film around this time, appearing in Drinking Crude. But he didn't complete his studies at Gaiety, choosing instead to pursue acting full time.  Farrell landed the role of Danny Byrne on the BBC series Ballykissangel. He also worked on Tim Roth's directorial debut The War Zone (1999).

Farrell was discovered by actor Kevin Spacey while performing on stage in London, according to Esquire magazine. This led to Farrell's role in his first U.S. film, the little-seen Irish gangster drama Ordinary Decent Criminal with Spacey. However, Farrell's next performance, in Joel Schumacher's 2000 feature Tigerland, earned him praise and recognition for his spot-on portrayal of Texan Roland Bozz. 

Famous Film Actor

With the acclaim he earned from his work on Tigerland, Farrell quickly became a star on the rise in Hollywood.  He landed the leading role in numerous features films. In 2001's American Outlaws,  Farrell played legendary outlaw Jesse James.  The following year, he appeared in the somber drama Hart's War with Bruce Willis and science fiction thriller Minority Report with Tom Cruise. 

Farrell continued to work with such Hollywood heavyweights. He co-starred opposite Al Pacino in the CIA thriller The Recruit (2003) and opposite Samuel L. Jackson in the action-packed S.W.A.T (2003). The good-looking Irishman also made People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" list in 2003.

 In 2004, Farrell starred as one of the greatest rulers of the ancient world in Oliver Stone's Alexander. The film proved to be a commercial and critical disappointment. Off-screen, Farrell became known for his partying ways and numerous romantic entanglements.  In 2005, he launched a legal battle to prevent the sale of a video showing him being intimate with former girlfriend Nicole Narain. Farrell also sought treatment for exhaustion and a problem with painkillers that same year, according to People magazine.  

Farrell's career took some twists and turns over the next few years. He stepped into Don Johnson's shoes for the film remake of the hit TV series Miami Vice in 2006, which earned more than $63 million domestically. Critics also praised his performance in 2008's crime comedy In Bruges. His 2012 remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger's sci-fi action hit Total Recall, however, completely wiped out at the box office. 

Recent Projects

Farrell continues to tackle an interesting mix of projects. He starred in the 2013 crime drama Dead Man Down with Noomi Rapace and the 2014 fantastical romance Winter's Tale. He also starred opposite Jessica Chastain in the film adaptation of August Strinberg's play Miss Julie (2014). In 2014, Farrell signed on for his most high-profile television project to date. He co-starred with Vince Vaughn in the second season of the HBO hit True Detective. The following year he starred in the sci-fi drama The Lobster, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor, and in 2016 took a dive into monumental commercial success with the Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Personal Life

Farrell was briefly married to actress Amelia Warner in 2001. In 2003, he became a father when model Kim Bordenave gave birth to their son James. Farrell also has a son with Polish actress Alicja Bachleda. Their child, Henry, was born in 2009.

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