Cliff Richard Biography

Film Actor, Singer, Actor (1940–)
Cliff Richard, once dubbed the British Elvis Presley, is a singer who rocketed to fame with the release of the single 'Move It' in 1958.

Who Is Cliff Richard?

British singer Cliff Richard hit stardom in 1958 with the release of "Move It," which is considered the first great British rock 'n' roll record. Dubbed the British Elvis Presley, he quickly found greater success as an all-around entertainer with pop hits such as "Living Doll" (1959) and as an actor in "clean teen" films such as The Young Ones (1961) and Summer Holiday (1962). Late in his career, Richard was dogged by allegations he had sexually abused a teenage boy, and in 2018 he won a privacy suit against the BBC for its reporting of a police raid on his home.

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