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Reality Television Star (1986–)
Reality television personality, singer, and grandson of the late mobster John Gotti, Carmine Gotti Agnello appeared on the TV show 'Growing Up Gotti.'

Who Is Carmine Gotti Agnello?

Born on April 4, 1986, in New York state, Carmine Gotti Agnello is the eldest son of author Victoria Gotti and Carmine Agnello, the grandson of the late mobster John Gotti, and was featured on the reality show Growing Up Gotti.

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Carmine Gotti Agnello

Early Life & Parents

Born on April 4, 1986, Carmine is the eldest son of author Victoria Gotti and Carmine Agnello. He is also the grandson of the late mobster John Gotti, who was believed to be head of the Gambino crime family at one point. He attended St. Dominic High School in Oyster Bay, New York, where he played basketball. Carmine attended college in the New York area.

'Growing Up Gotti'

Carmine's claim to fame comes from his 2004-2005 stint on A+E's reality television show Growing Up Gotti, which featured him and his family. The show followed Victoria Gotti as she raised her three teenage sons and managed a career and personal life. Audiences were enthralled by Carmine and his brothers, Frank and John, nicknaming them the "Hotti Gottis." In nearly every episode, the brothers squabbled, partied, chased girls, asked for things, and did almost anything else most typical teenagers do.

Carmine has expressed an interest in a career in music. He returned to television on But Can They Sing? This 2005 reality show featured celebrities in a singing competition. Carmine performed a mixture of musical styles on the series, including rap, R&B, and rock. Despite receiving some criticism for his performances, Carmine lasted to the final round, losing to actor Michael Copon. There have been some rumors of Carmine receiving a record deal, but no official announcements have been made as of yet.

Carmine owns an auto parts shop with his brothers, which was raided by the Feds in 2016 for an ongoing investigation.

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