Alexander Haig Biography

General, Government Official, Diplomat (1924–2010)
Alexander Haig was White House chief-of-staff under Richard Nixon, commander of NATO, and US Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan.


Alexander Haig was born on December 2, 1924 in Philadelphia, PA. He trained at West Point and served with the Army during Korea and Vietnam, becoming a general in 1973. He retired from the army and became White House chief-of-staff during the Nixon presidency (and was rumored to be "Deep Throat"). He was a NATO commander and served President Reagan as Secretary of State. He died in 2010.


US army officer and statesman, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on December 2, 1924. Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr. trained at West Point, studied at Georgetown University, and joined the US army in 1947, serving in Korea (1950??1) and in the Vietnam War (1966??7), and becoming a general in 1973.

Haig retired from the army to become White House chief-of-staff during the last days of the Nixon presidency. Haig was rumored to be "Deep Throat" -- the source of the Washington Post's expose on the Watergate break-in. Returning to active duty, he was supreme NATO commander before returning again to civilian life, as president of United Technologies Corporation.

Alexander Haig served President Reagan as US Secretary of State in 1981??2, and sought the Republican nomination for the presidency in 1988. He died on February 20, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 85.

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