Happy 'World Smile Day'! Turn That Frown Upside Down :)

Today is a day for everyone to crack a smile, even some of history's stone-faced heroes who put on a happy face just for us.
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George Washington Photo

Every first Friday in the month of October is World Smile Day, thanks to Harvey Ball. Who's Harvey Ball? Just the artist who created the symbol of happiness − the smiley face − in 1963. (Think of what the world and our texts would be without his mellow yellow creation.)

Ball started World Smile Day in 1999 because he was concerned that his iconic smiley was becoming overly commercialized and losing its good vibe message. Sadly, Ball passed away in 2011, but the annual celebration he started continues, and now supports the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation, a non-profit charity started in his name. 

So, in the grinning good spirit of the day, we put some (photo-enhanced) smiles on a few of our favorite historical heroes. Are you smiling yet?