Who Am I?

Think you know people? Test your skills in Bio's weekly guessing game.
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who am i

Clue #1: I was a rebellious kid and got myself expelled from military school for throwing a tire at another student.

Clue #2: My former classmate Val Kilmer convinced me to enroll in the drama program at Juilliard, which I did, but I quit after a couple of years.

Clue #3: I believe the less the public knows about me personally, the easier it is to play a character convincingly.

Clue #4: I wouldn’t want to pigeonhole myself, but I’ve gained a lot of recognition for playing villainous Machiavellian antiheroes.

Clue #5: To research my latest hit series, I followed around Republican Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy. Let me tell you, Washington is like performance art. 

Who am I?