Who Am I?

Think you know people? Test your skills in Bio's weekly guessing game.
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who am i

Clue #1: My first job was selling guidebooks at Disneyland. While I worked there, I picked up some serious rope skills from a wrangler at Frontierland that came in handy for one of my movies.

Clue #2: As a high school cheerleader, I tried out a dance move that I became known for later in my career. 

Clue #3: Even though I had no experience at the time, I became a comedy writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

 Clue #4: I may get a lot of laughs on TV and film, but in real life, I consider myself as “zany as a C.P.A.”

 Clue #5: I picked Lorne Michaels to be best man at my surprise wedding in 2007.

Who am I?