5 Reasons Why Tituss Burgess Is Fabulous

Pop open the Pinot! 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's' star Tituss Burgess turns 38 today! Check out five reasons why we worship him.
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Apparently, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor Tituss Burgess is so fabulous he got to keep his first name while playing Kimmy's cheapskate Broadway-wannabe roommate Titus Andromedon on the hit show. For all you Andromedon fans who've been waiting patiently in your werewolf costumes, the Tina Fey-created Netflix series will air Season 3 on May 19th.

In honor of Burgess' 38th birthday, here are five reasons why his talents and comedy are unmatched (just like his clothes). 

Fashion Chameleon

Titus Andromedon Fashion Photo

Tituss Burgess as Titus Andromedon on 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' blinds us with sexy sequins.

Despite only seeing two seasons of Mr. Burgess, he's given us so much eye candy in the way of his character's style, he might as well open up a gay thrift store and sell all the "shants" (“shorts the length of pants”) he desires.

Considering we've seen Titus Andromedon blind us with glittery tops, chokers, kimonos, tie-dye, grandpa sweaters, purple and pink paisley silk shirts, and multicolored sequins, we wonder why he doesn't have a fashion line yet...

But at least he has his Pinot line!

Indeed, Mr. Andromedon's seductive music video "Peeno Noir" became so popular on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that the actor actually launched his own Pinot!

How can you deny the opening lyrics?

Pinot Noir

Caviar, Myanmar

Mid-sized car

You don't have to be popu-lar

Find out who your true friends are

Pinot Noir

In the boudoir

(In the boudoir)

Let's not forget his other hit song

How could anyone forget Titus Andromedon's other hit song "Gonna Be Famous"? Hoping his relationship to Kimmy (he finds out she's one of the famous "Mole" cult women) will help launch his acting career, Titus gets ready to be interviewed by a local television news station. As he powders his face, he starts singing "Gonna Be Famous" to himself. With fame, he reveals one of his biggest hopes: he'll be rich enough to burn off his skin tags! Watch the clip and wait til the very end to hear a surprise note.

The real Tituss will take you down - even on Yelp

If you think Titus Andromedon is feisty, don't even think twice about taking advantage of Tituss Burgess, especially when his majesty is trying to move!

Last summer the actor was so dissatisfied at Franks Express, a New York City-based moving and delivery service, he left a caustic review — in Burgess/Andromedon fashion, of course.

"My name is Tituss Burgess. Im an Emmy Nominated Actor for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt currently streaming on netflix. Thats besides the point.But watch it,” the review begins. “These guys are the absolute most UNPROFESSIONAL workers I have EVER DEALT WITH.”

He continued his rant on Twitter, after claiming a Franks Express rep called him a homophobic slur. “He just texted and called me a F*ggot,” Burgess wrote. “Poor thing doesnt know hell hath no fury like a Tituss scorned.”

Titus Andromedon Montage

If you've never watched Burgess on Unbreakable, here's a five-minute montage of his greatness that should convince you to do so.