'The Haunting Of': Behind the Scenes With Jay Thomas

Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s episode of 'The Haunting of Jay Thomas.' I had to chuckle at many of the comments that were sent to me regarding Jay being rude and obnoxious.
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Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s episode of The Haunting of Jay Thomas. I had to chuckle at many of the comments that were sent to me regarding Jay being rude and obnoxious. In my line of work I have met all different personality types and Jay was a breeze to work with compared to others that I’ve dealt with. It was said by Jay in the very beginning of the show that he’s not sure about mediums, but he’s willing to find out for the sake of his child.

Speaking of his child? Jake is an extremely sensitive young man with many talents and is extremely creative. Creative people always tend to have heightened abilities to seeing or feeling the Spirit World around them. This is true with many musicians, artists, and writers. Much of the work they produce is most likely channeled from the other side; meaning, they work as an open vessel when they are creating. Unlike his father, from the moment I met Jake he was hanging on my every word. As much as I may have stirred up more questions for Jay regarding an existence of ghosts, it was clear to me right away that I was really there to help Jake. If you noticed Jay stood in the background with his arms crossed while listening to Jake’s conversation and mine. Crossing one’s arms is a gesture that Jay wanted to protect his space and didn’t want me to invade his privacy with a reading.

Jay and his son Jake.

Jay and his son Jake.

The little girl that appeared to Jake when he was a child immediately started communicating with me when I got there. What was not shown in this episode was that this little girl told me that her and Jake shared many past lives together. Many of us come to this Earth with lessons to learn and fears to overcome. For Jake, he came here in this lifetime to learn individuality, mostly because the little girl spirit was his twin in many lives and he has always had her around to lean on. In this lifetime, she chose to stay close to Jake, but not in a physical way but from beyond; it wasn’t a coincidence that his epiphany came on his birthday no less! Sometimes things are not always what they seem to be and this was the case here.

There were a few other spirits that showed up for Jay that was not shown, including a suicide of a person who is connected to him. You should have seen Jay’s reaction when this spirit spoke to me with an exact name and details surrounding the suicide. For the sake of privacy for the person’s family, Jay did not want that revealed on air and I can definitely respect that.

I can promise you, after this, Jay was all ears. I know the spirits got his attention the only way they knew would work. When I do the work that I do, it is never only for one reason. If something was triggered in Jay to open his heart or mind, then I’ve done my job. I know for sure Jake will take our experience that day with him for a very long time and for that I am grateful.

It is a shame that Jay is “motivated by fear” as he puts it; but hopefully through our encounter that day, he can break the cycle of allowing fear to rule his life. Jake, on the other hand, seems to have a different approach to life. Ironically, sometimes children are born to their parents to be the teacher for them.

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My day was truly pleasant with Jay and his son. After the producers heard me tell Jake “Happy Birthday,” they went out during our filming and bought him a red velvet birthday cake. After we were done filming, we all sang happy birthday, ate cake, and were one big happy family. I love my job…

Although this episode was the season finale, do not despair. Many more amazing episodes of The Haunting Of… are on the way coming this fall. Some of the featured celebrities are Tito Ortiz, MMA fighter, Shirley Jones from The Partridge Family, Sally Struthers, Carnie Wilson, and Charles Schaunessy from the long running series The Nanny. (We traveled all the way to London to a real-life castle.) Until then, don’t forget to catch up on any episodes you may have missed, and if you want to check-in with me, you can find me on Facebook at Psychic Medium Kim Russo “The Happy Medium” or on Twitter @THEHAPPYMEDIUM.