‘The Haunting Of’: Behind the Scenes With Roddy Piper

Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s The Haunting of Roddy Piper. Many people have asked me “what my favorite episode is so far” and I must admit that meeting Roddy was a highlight for me.
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Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s The Haunting of Roddy Piper. Many people have asked me “what my favorite episode is so far” and I must admit that meeting Roddy was a highlight for me. Many of you posted that this was your favorite episode. I have to agree. Roddy wore his heart on his sleeve and he spoke with pure honesty. I believe that is what allowed for his immediate transformation. It is obvious that Roddy’s life was filled with despair and heartache. I can only hope that by channeling messages from his wrestler friends who went on before him, he can heal his own survivor’s guilt and mend his open wounds.

Many of you want to know about things that went on behind the scenes. Believe it or not, there was not much that happened that you didn’t get to see. There were a few scenes that didn’t air such as when I was chatting with Roddy’s wife. We had a nice conversation and the take-away I got from her was that she is beyond nurturing with an unconditional love for Roddy, her children and her animals and that has allowed her family to thrive in the best way possible. Roddy’s wife is clearly the rock of her family and keeps everything balanced.

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There was another scene that got pretty intense but was probably too long to include in this episode. I remember talking with Roddy about the time when he was a kid, struggling to survive on the streets, sleeping in alleyways and struggling to find a decent meal. You could see the tears welling up in Roddy’s eyes and this memory has clearly stayed with him. I assured Roddy that he should not let those memories define who he is as a person today. Since those days, Roddy admitted to me that he has done everything in his power to make sure his family never has to struggle like he did. He moved his family to a remote part of Portland, Oregon on the top of a mountain to stay as far away from what he calls the “celebrity” lifestyle.

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During our down time I got to meet Roddy’s son and his fiancé. I was extremely impressed when his son kept calling me “ma’am.” A true sign that he was raised right. As a mother of three sons, it warmed my heart to watch how close Roddy and his son are. They told me they are best of friends. Roddy is his son’s wrestling coach and his son told me with sincerity that his father is his one and only hero.

In almost every square inch of Roddy’s house existed a different kind of animal. In one of the bedrooms I came across a talking parrot that had a lot to say. Talk about treating her animals like her children? Roddy’s wife Kitty leaves the TV on in the room with the bird so the bird won’t feel alone. As an animal lover myself, I could appreciate watching their two house cats playing with each other like two little kittens. Watching them roll around and hiding in the grocery bags that were on the floor from our dinner order was the best entertainment for me. They also have an indoor dog that sat perched up in a cozy chair as if he was the owner of the house. He has eyes like a human and was very warm and engaging.

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Roddy and his family are so warm, accommodating and I felt the true sense of what a close family should be like. There were no housemaids, chefs or hired help that I saw. In fact, Kitty told me that she cooks a homemade meal every night and they rarely eat out. Roddy is an extremely involved father and has a love for playing music that surprised me. While we were waiting for the cameras to reset, I heard the beautiful sound of a piano playing. When I went over to see where this music was coming from, I was shocked to see Roddy playing so effortlessly. Hanging on the wall were guitars that he is also able to play. He told me that he never took a lesson in his life.

All of this just goes to show that Roddy’s tough-guy wrestling act is just that, an act. In real life he portrays the truest meaning of humility. It is extremely obvious to me that Roddy is a kid at heart and a true gentleman to the core. I am proud to say I was able to have a hand in helping him face the demons from his past and to help start the healing process.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my behind-the-scenes blog about Rowdy Roddy Piper. Tune in this Saturday night at 10pm/9c to The Haunting Of… Find out if TV/radio personality Jay Thomas is able to come to terms with his past and is able to move forward and face his fears. You may be surprised at the outcome.

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