‘The Haunting Of’: Behind the Scenes With Nadine Velazquez

How many of you noticed Nadine’s body language when she first met me? She was standoffish and it was clear that she did not trust me. When I started channeling her grandmother. . .
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Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s episode of The Haunting Of Nadine Velazquez and to all who took the time to write an email, post on Facebook and on Twitter about your similar experience to Nadine’s when you were young. Many of you said that Nadine’s story helped you to feel as if you are not alone, and if Nadine was brave enough to admit that she was molested as a child and could take the steps to begin the healing process, then so can you. Needless to say, it was proof about the importance of what I told Nadine about “paying it forward” and the “ripple effect.”

How many of you noticed Nadine’s body language when she first met me? She was standoffish and it was clear that she did not trust me. When I started channeling her grandmother and began giving her details about her family that were not “googleable” (I think I made up this word), she truly started opening up her energy and began trusting me. In fact, after I began saying her sisters’ names, Nadine went into the kitchen while the cameramen rearranged their equipment and, unbeknownst to me, asked the producers to Google information about her family to see if anything showed up. To her surprise, there was a post on the web that mentioned she had a sister or sisters but did not mention names or any other personal information. After that, it was clear that she was onboard and we could continue our ghost hunt with a more trusting vibe.

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Nadine and I formed a quick bond during our lunch break. Since she realized that I was the “real deal,” as she put it, she took the opportunity, while the cameras were not rolling, to ask me to “tune in” and read her. I felt as if we were long lost friends who didn’t come up for air to catch our breath. The producers had to remind us several times that it was time for us to continue on with our day. She is truly someone I would totally hang out with.

When I arrived at Nadine’s house where she had her experience, Nadine’s lovely mom and dad welcomed me. It was very clear to me that Nadine comes from a caring, loving and family-oriented background. I thought it was so adorable how Nadine was hugging her dad and sitting on his lap like she did when she was a little girl. Pictures of grandchildren were scattered around the house and, yes, each person is one more gorgeous than the next. Nadine’s parents are very religious and although they may not have seen the ghost or ghosts in the house, they certainly believe Nadine had a very real experience that traumatized her during her childhood and are very supportive in wanting her to find resolve.

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One of the biggest challenges for me in doing the show The Haunting Of… is that celebrities are usually guarded about their personal life and they have managers, agents and publicists who very often advise them to not admit to any negative information, fearing the celebrity will be frowned upon and will not land work in the future. For this reason, I must tread lightly when I deliver information that may not be packaged with roses, marshmallows and sunshine. However, my goal in doing what I do is to allow for healing (for the living as well as the dead). Helping people understand their experience is the first step to a true healing.

You know what they say? “Knowledge is power.” I’m not going lie, I wasn’t sure if Nadine would have a change of heart after filming our episode to have the producers edit out her heartfelt admission. Needless to say, I am thrilled that she didn’t change her mind because it’s people like Nadine who put their ego aside to take risks in order to help herself as well as many others. Bravo to you Nadine !!!

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