'The Haunting Of': Behind the Scenes With Michael Rapaport

Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s episode of The Haunting Of Michael Rapaport. Many of you wrote in to say that it was your favorite episode to date and that it had you all on the edge of your seats. Well, try being me during the...
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Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s episode of The Haunting Of Michael Rapaport. Many of you wrote in to say that it was your favorite episode to date and that it had you all on the edge of your seats. Well, try being me during the filming! I must admit I was apprehensive to enter the room where Michael and his friend Gerald had their ghostly experience all those years ago…

Initially, when I walked into the school, I noticed two things: first, a real-life metal detector to help ensure that students don’t bring dangerous weapons into the school, secondly, a banner on the wall showing many famous celebrities’ pictures that attended Erasmus High School.

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You may have seen Barbra Streisand’s picture on the wall in the background during one of the scenes. To think Ms. Streisand walked down those very same halls? Well, how scary can it be then, right? Wrong!! While on my car ride to the school, I witnessed the violence that’s running rampant near Erasmus. It’s street drama of a different kind. At first I thought I was seeing things, but no, it was reality—and our fabulous cameraman captured it all on tape. Two girls were standing on a street corner in broad daylight—punching, pulling hair, and slapping each other silly. I couldn’t help but think that this incident was just a prelude to what other negative encounters I would come across that day. I was NOT wrong…

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Many of you also saw a dark figure standing behind me during our exploration of the cafeteria. Some said it appeared to be wearing a black-hooded shirt. I did re-watch the episode, and yes, I saw it, too. I do believe that it was a spirit being captured on camera. Some of the modern-day high tech equipment is extremely sensitive to capturing spirit energy and translating them into images.

Others heard the sounds of cats meowing during our discussion of the cats being killed as pranks. I can’t say that I heard the cats, but I certainly heard the voices that were coming from behind us. Michael was ready to leave right then and there, but somehow, he stayed to get his much-needed closure. Many Spirits crave attention and will make noises. Being noticed often becomes the main purpose for many ghosts to appear or have conversations, which sound like whispering or mumbling at times. It’s similar to a needy child. They don’t care if they get good attention or negative attention. Good or bad, they feed off the emotions of the reactions.

There were many more scenes that didn’t make the final cut. For example, early in the show, I saw a vision of a brown-beaded necklace that Gerald owned but was not wearing. His Spirit Guides told me that the beads were meant to protect him from evil spirits. He knew exactly what I was referring to, and I later found out that these beads were called Mala beads, which are usually worn by Buddhists or Hindus to protect them from harm. Gerald is of a devout Christian faith and admitted to me that when he saw the ghosts when he was a child, he was praying so hard that he began what sounded to Michael like a religious chant. He also said that the beads were given to him, and I told him that it was in his best interest to wear the beads when he felt danger near. He agreed and was very shaken up and regretted not wearing them.

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Oh and the audio cutting out on us? From the look of things on the show, because of the limited time, it seemed as if the audio only cut out for a second. Actually, it kept cutting out and was out for a good five to seven minutes. The ghosts truly wanted their presence known. Although I focused on the ghosts that terrorized Michael and Gerald as youngsters, there are many more ghosts who roam the hallways of the school and most likely died violently. I pray that one day all of the ghosts find their way home to the Light and they can then experience nothing but pure love. In return, they can emit the love vibe to the current students, which can hopefully change the negative actions to positive ones. That would be the best-case scenario.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode with Fairuza Balk who starred in the supernatural teen horror movie The Craft. If you liked the Michael Rapaport episode, you are sure to LOVE this next one. See who’s responsible for manipulating a huge, full-length mirror to come crashing down on Fairuza, nearly killing her. Get the popcorn ready for another incredible journey of the “unknown.” See you all there.

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