'The Haunting Of': Behind the Scenes With Giancarlo Esposito

Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s episode of 'The Haunting Of Giancarlo Esposito.' I first saw Giancarlo in his bad-guy role in the TV drama series 'Breaking Bad.' As you all saw in last week’s episode, however, he is anything but “bad.”
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Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s episode of The Haunting Of Giancarlo Esposito. I first saw Giancarlo in his bad-guy role in the TV drama series Breaking Bad. As you all saw in last week’s episode, however, he is anything but “bad.” He may have had some bad breaks while living in that house, but that’s as far as that goes.

When I first met Giancarlo, we hit it off immediately. I asked him what I should call him, and he politely told me to just call him “Giancarlo.” I then asked him if he was Italian with a name like that, and we found out that our two fathers are from the same town in Italy. I immediately felt a connection with him being that we shared similar cultures. The coincidences kept coming when I found out that our two fathers shared the same name “Giovanni.” The connections were starting to get a little weird even for me!

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Many of you inquired if there is a current family that lives in the house that Giancarlo lived in, and the answer is yes. You also wondered if the ghostly inhabitants affected that family. The family was not there on the day that we filmed, so I didn’t get a chance to ask. However, I did get a chance to see pictures in the home of an all-American family who was clearly well educated and loved horses. I wondered myself if this innocent family was being tormented by the preacher man and the rest of the ghostly entourage. I can now say even if they were, the energy in the home should now be much different. Let me explain…

Although we didn’t speak much about Giancarlo’s mom, it did come up that she “knew” things. She always had a sixth sense and didn’t hesitate to say it when she got a premonition. Spiritual gifts usually run in families. In my case, the gift stems from my ancestors on my dad’s side. My father’s sister is a Spiritual Healer and lives in Caracas, Venezuela. When I was a child I had heard stories of my aunt healing many sick people. People would come from all over the countryside to have my aunt work her magic. Because of a language barrier, I never was able to compare notes with her until about ten years ago.

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I learned that from a very early age, my aunt would sleepwalk and hold her arms out over her head, chanting the words over and over “Angels, come to me.” She even channeled healing energy through her hands to help prevent a much-needed amputation of her son’s leg. The night before surgery was scheduled to remove his leg due to severe gangrene, my aunt went into my cousin’s hospital room and performed her healing ritual. My cousin says all he can remember during the night is that it felt as if someone was tugging on his leg. The next morning, to the doctor’s surprise, they had to cancel the surgery. He is now alive and well and does construction for a living. His legs are in perfect condition.

It is extremely clear to me that Spiritual gifts run in Giancarlo’s family. I was happy that his brother Kedar joined us on our ghostly investigation. Kedar is an Enlightened Master of Spiritual Transformation. After I found out the true meaning behind Giancarlo’s experience and discovered who all of the lingering Spirits in the house were, I would never just leave them there to fend for themselves.

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What you didn’t get to see was that Kedar and I joined forces to conduct an amazing spiritual ceremony. He performed a chanting ceremony, and I performed my sacred sage ritual with lit white candles to cleanse the space for good. We stated our intentions out loud simultaneously to rid the home of any souls who needed to go forward on their journey. It did the trick. The little girl with the blue eyes, the preacher man, his son, and everyone else who needed to relocate did so that night. This was an eviction that didn’t need a marshal and a padlock. They went very willingly. Perhaps all that was necessary was a little coaxing with a loving approach.

As it was with Giancarlo at the end of our day, so it was with the lingering Spirits: They just needed to understand how to “let go.” For Giancarlo it was letting go of the material things, and for the Ghosts, it was letting go of the space. One shift at a time, small changes will eventually lead you to the desired big one.

Thanks for reading my blog! Come back for next week’s behind the scenes take with the one-and-only Rowdy Roddy Piper. See a side to the Piper Ma that you’ve never seen before and learn about why the ghosts from his past are trying to tell him something.

The Haunting Of airs on the Bio Channel this Saturday at 10pm EST.