'The Haunting Of': Behind the Scenes With Fairuza Balk

I wasn't too familiar with Fairuza and her past history of projects, but from the minute I closed my eyes during my protection meditation, I kept getting a vision and a strong feeling of some sort of witchcraft...
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Thank you to all who tuned in to Saturday night’s episode of The Haunting Of Fairuza Balk. Some of you commented that it was not an “All New” episode as advertised. You may have seen this episode air on the A&E Network, but it never did air on The Bio Channel. But rest assured, from here on, never-before-seen episodes will air every week.

Before we jump into Fairuza's story, let’s talk preparation: Many of you wrote to me wanting to know how I protect myself prior to going into ghost-filled buildings. Although my protection ritual is automatic, and for the most part, it has the same theme, there are some variations that occur depending on my intuition and what I feel drawn to do. For example: Prior to going to the location, I sit quietly and meditate. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and ask my Spirit Guides to show me what form of protection is necessary for me to walk out safely. For this task I was told to bring a big piece of Black Tourmaline, and as you all saw, it played a big part in protecting the space and us...

I wasn't too familiar with Fairuza and her past history of projects, but from the minute I closed my eyes during my protection meditation, I kept getting a vision and a strong feeling of some sort of witchcraft. When I found out that Fairuza was in the movie The Craft, I wondered if there was any connection between her ghostly inhabitants and the part she played in that movie. That's when I knew I had my work cut out for me that day.

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Upon entering Fairuza’s loft, I was not too surprised at the vibes I felt—and thank God my Guides gave me a head’s up! During this episode, it was revealed that Fairuza had owned an occult pagan marketplace. But if any of you are identifying her with her role in The Craft, in real life, she is definitely a "Good Witch." She is the sweetest person with a giant warm heart and definitely puts her best foot forward with the highest good intentions for all concerned. In fact she is an extremely talented businesswoman who owns her own candle business. I immediately thought how strange that she makes a product that illuminates our world, and yet she was dealing with something potentially so dark.

In the beginning when I started giving readings professionally, my agreement with the world of spirits was that when they saw the flame of my candle, then it was their cue to start communicating with me. It worked like a charm for a while until one day, I lit a scented candle in my kitchen after frying fish and wanted to get rid of the odor. To my surprise, the room immediately filled up with uninvited guests who wanted to stay for dinner! I had to quickly change the way I opened the door to spirit. That being said, I immediately equated what the flame of the candle meant to me and thought it may have been the same for Fairuza. I had my suspicions but had to put the rest of the pieces together. It soon became clear to me that there was a direct link.

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Many of you were very frustrated and quite inquisitive regarding the piece of information that was bleeped out during my conversation with Fairuza. That was done to honor her wishes. What I will say is that Fairuza is a “Free Spirit” and has a great deal of trust for many people she comes into contact with. Plain and simple, she trusted someone in her life who may not have had the purest intentions. Hmmm? Could that be a theme for her? Possibly so. People in your life may take your kindness for weakness, so why shouldn’t the people in death do the same?

I must admit, this episode was intense, and I am so happy I was able to help Fairuza understand the severity of what was happening to her. What I didn’t tell her was about the migraine headaches I had for days after filming her story. I didn’t stop sending love and light to the ghosts that we encountered. What you see on air continues when the cameras are turned off. My job is not complete when the hour is up. I felt a bit of resistance from the ghost, which in turn used my vital energy—hence my headaches. I do believe both ghostly inhabitants did finally move forward on their journey, and I was happy to recently learn that Fairuza also moved out of that space.

Although most people get “stuck” in their current situations and don’t readily LOVE to make changes, I have to give Fairuza credit for moving forward on her journey. Most likely, she realizes that change can only initiate movement of energy and change of energy leads to growth. It was another happy ending from a situation that was seemingly bleak…plus, I walked away with a beautiful candle Fairuza gave me as a gift.

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