'If You Only Knew' Terrence Howard: 5 Fun Facts About the 'Empire' Star

He plays cutthroat hip hop mogul Lucious Lyon on 'Empire,' but when he's out of character actor Terrence Howard has a soft spot for his mom and one legendary pop star. Learn more about Terrence from his interview with Larry King.
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Terrence Howard (Photo: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Empire star Terrence Howard, is an American actor best known for his 2005 Oscar nominated performance in Hustle & Flow. In addition to acting on the silver screen, Howard is also known for his appearances on a number of television shows, as well as his 2008 Broadway performance in Cat on a Tin Roof and the release of his first studio album, Shine Through It, that same year. 

Larry King sat down with the actor to discuss his ideal woman, his conversation with Oprah, and his (necessary) arrogance. 

Here are a few facts about Terrence that we learned from his interview with Larry:

1.  Howard’s childhood celebrity crush? Janet Jackson

2.  His secret talent is that he can write backwards with both hands.

3.  The three items Howard would take on a desert island would be a toothbrush, a copy of Walter Russell’s A New Concept of the Universe, and an imagination. 

4.  Howard’s proudest accomplishment was taking his mother to the Oscars.

5.  He has synesthesia, a condition which causes him to hear a tone when he sees color, and to see colors when he hears music.

Watch the clip below from Terrence Howard’s uncensored interview with Larry King to find out what his biggest pet peeve is. And to see Howard’s full length candid interview with Larry King, head over to Ora TV

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