Susan Rice Out, Justin Bieber Murder Plot Fail's "Week in Review" highlights interesting people who've made the news this past week—thanks to their endeavors, big ideas, triumphs, importance in history, or magnanimous gaffes. While there were many people to choose from this week...
Publish date:'s "Week in Review" highlights interesting people who've made the news this past week—thanks to their endeavors, big ideas, triumphs, importance in history, or magnanimous gaffes. While there were many people to choose from this week, here are our top picks that made us either raise an eyebrow, roll our eyes, shed a tear, or just gave us a good chuckle.

Susan Rice Withdraws Nomination to Be Next Secretary of State

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After weeks of being under fire for her statements on Benghazi, Susan E. Rice, ambassador to the U.N., took herself out of the running to become the next Secretary of State. Rice spoke to NBC Nightly News' anchorman Brian Williams, stating that she's withdrawing her name because the hallowed position should never be steeped in controversy. However, reports are surfacing that she may have been asked to resign by the Obama administration. (Either way, Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham are probably krumping the night away at their victory.) Some say that McCain, who was most vocally against Rice's nomination, took things personally when she criticized his foreign policy positions during his 2008 bid for the presidency. Now that she's taken a step back, the next person favored for the job is the honorable John Kerry. We hope he hasn’t crossed McCain in the recent past. Rock of Ages: 12-12-12 Benefit Concert for Hurricane Sandy

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It may just be the only time the words "cool" and "old" are found in the same sentence... The epic five-hour "12-12-12" Benefit Concert for Hurricane Sandy victims brought the house down on Wednesday night, raising millions of dollars with donations still rolling in. Twenty-nine networks, including ours, aired the likes of Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, The Who, and Bon Jovi who rocked out to their beloved hits for a cause near and dear to their hearts. If you didn't catch it, there was so much bodily jiggling from Mick Jagger, we feared his teeth would pop out and hit Keith Richards in the head. Even Kanye and his leather skirt made a divalicious appearance, while "New York State of Mind" songstress Alicia Keys offered some welcomed estrogen in the mostly testosterony event. While we had hoped to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie do a belly flop into the predominantly 40-something crowd to get this party started right, we were more than happy to watch music history being made for a worthy cause and first responders in the audience being praised and lauded for their bravery. Rock on. Justin Bieber Murder Plot Foiled

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A murder-rapist serving two life terms in southern New Mexico was the mastermind behind an alleged murder plot to strangle Justin Bieber with a paisley tie and castrate him. While spending time in the clink, Dana Martin, 45, became so obsessed with The Biebs that he had him tattooed on his leg. When Martin was unable to reach the singer by phone after repeated attempts, he became enraged and decided to have the 18-year-old star strangled to death by two fellow inmates on parole. Martin told the parolees, Mark Staake and Tanner Ruane, to first kill two men who were witnesses to his murder-rape and then go off and kill The Biebs before his November concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Although some reports say the only castration that was supposed to take place was with the two male witnesses, either way we'll never know whose cajones Martin would've collected since the plot was foiled—by Martin himself! Dom da da dom! Apparently, having a change of heart (he was probably listening to "Boyfriend" and his heart melted at the fondue lyrics), Martin told authorities about the planned murders and everything went bust...or should we say "everything went balls to the wall"? Source: The Independent In Memoriam: Jenni Rivera, Mexican Pop Superstar, Dead at 43

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Mexican-American pop vocalist and reality star Jenni Rivera, 43, died earlier this week from a plane crash in northern Mexico that left six others dead, reports The Guardian. The singer was at the peak of her career, having sold over 15 million records and winning multiple music awards. Known as the Diva of Banda Music, Rivera was reportedly preparing to crossover to the U.S. English-speaking market, both in her singing career and her successful Spanish-speaking reality TV show, I Love Jenni. According to CNN, Rivera's remains were returned to her family today. The plane crash, mysterious as it is, has taken a strange turn: The DEA is investigating the aviation company's owner, believed to be ex-convict Christian Esquino, who is suspected to have a long-running relationship with organized crime. Although he denies owning Starwood Management—the company under investigation—Esquino told the Los Angeles Times that Rivera had been thinking about purchasing a plane and was simply being given a test ride.