Sting: Setting Sail for the Stage

With his 61st birthday on the horizon and with numerous accolades in the music industry under his belt, singer/songwriter Sting sets his sights on the uncharted world of Broadway.
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Sting, with a brand new car in London, 1978. (Getty)

Sting, with a brand new car in London, 1978. (Getty)

Last year, when Sting turned 60, he said, "I had the most fun in the previous decade, between 50 and 60…So I'm anticipating that the next one will be even better. I mean, why not?"

And with that attitude, as he turns 61 tomorrow, Sting seems poised to continue a career which has seemingly never stopped growing. Currently in his possession are: 17 Grammy awards, 19 BMI awards, four Emmy's, one Golden Globe and three Oscar noms. Despite all of these accolades under his belt, the last ten years or so have been a little quiet for the artist. So what has Sting been doing these days? Just recently, he debuted an album of new material that he wrote called The Last Ship. The songs were written for a stage play of the same name, which he also authored, and is set to debut on Broadway in 2014. The play focuses on Sting's hometown of Newcastle and a group of shipyard workers who make the decision to build their own ship.

The onstage world is uncharted territory for the soon to be 61-year-old singer, but according to him, the love behind the lyrics remains the same: "It is my job to sing these songs every night with the passion and same sense of discovery as when I wrote them."