Quote of the Week: Stephen Colbert

Happy Birthday and “Tip of the Hat” to comedian Stephen Colbert who contributed the proceeds from the auction sale of his ‘Colbert Report’ set to teachers in his home state of South Carolina.
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Stephen Colbert quote

“Folks, I don't trust children. They're here to replace us.” — Stephen Colbert (Photo: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Did you know?

Stephen Colbert's "truthy" TV alter ego might eye the youngest among us with suspicion because, well, "they're here to replace us," but the real Stephen obviously believes that children are our future. Last week, Colbert and matching donors funded $800,000 in teacher projects in his home state of South Carolina on the crowd-funding site DonorsChoose.org. “Enjoy the learnin’, South Carolina!” Colbert told a group of teachers in Greenville, South Carolina, via live video feed from New York. The donation funds almost 1,000 projects at more than 375 schools.

The soon-to-be host of The Late Show has also generously donated to a slew of causes and organizations and has given his famous “Colbert bump” to autism charities and Amnesty International, among many others. He even created a fund to help clean up after the BP gulf oil spill, and in April 2015 he received the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Award for his work to help wounded veterans.