'Stalked By a Ghost' Episode 2: Behind the Scenes With Crysta & Caryn

Did you see the second episode of 'Stalked By a Ghost'? Read psychic medium Cindy Goldenberg's behind-the-scenes blog on Crysta and Caryn and learn how Cindy had to experience the pain of evil spirits!
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When I met Crysta for the first time as I knocked on her door, I instantly knew that we were going to have an uplifting, wonderful day! Yes I could feel her pain. And yes I could sense her “stalker.” But Crysta was an optimistic, effervescent, delightful woman who was surrounded by angels and lovely beings like herself.

So you may wonder “how?” and “why?” such an evil, frightening entity could attach itself to her? It was because of her compassionate heart—she was a giver!

In Crysta’s case, I immediately felt a story of confusion, panic and regret, like “Oh my God, what did I do?”

It wasn’t a heavy feeling. It was more like a floating description…with no emotions attached to it. However, I did feel an outraged individual very loud and clear! It was like giving a presentation and having a punk kid scream and jump about while trying to talk—extremely annoying!

But I put this ghost, or ego, into perspective. I counter balanced its demanding personality against all the benevolent, loving beings that surrounded Crysta. With this, I knew we were safe to allow “the story” to unfold.

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As we continued to film, I felt intense head pain around her. I knew there was someone near her who died from a head injury, so I told her right away. It was her fiancée, or as I called him, “husband to be.” I got his name, his past story, his death and his present concerns over her and their daughter right away—so made notes of everything to bring up to her later.

In the meantime, here comes the “Hey, what about me!” ghost. Talk about intrusive. This spirit was nasty. He was angry, confused, frustrated and provoking. Throughout the day I had to call in extra angels to calm him down—not so much out of fear—even though he did do some frightening things to her—but more out of keeping the stories compartmentalized, so each and every “unresolved pain” could be validated.

Crysta’s husband was a lovely, charismatic man, who unfortunately died too young. However, I felt him alive, next to his daughter, involved in special occasions and the like. He was an elevated soul, one who had passed into the light. But as Crysta would feel him, she’d also be open to all the other “passersby.”

What I found astonishing was that because Crysta had compassionately understood death from a head injury, her ghost, who had been killed with a baseball bat in a gang, was actually drawn to her because of her ability to understand. He felt “connected” to her and drawn to her sensitive nature to care for all of her family.

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Finally at the end of the day, and after I shouted out the rules for communicating with me, I heard this spirit’s story. He was mad and angry for being murdered. Pain is pain. And this spirit’s pain was unresolved. His pain was valid.

With Crysta, once we distinguished her intentions between compassion and compromise, we took a solid inventory of who she was, what she wanted in life, who she wanted in her life, and commanded the conscious mind to allow this into her reality. We also celebrated her vulnerability and sensitivity, and proclaimed that only those with the same character traits that loved and respected her, as well as themselves, could be with her. It was a done deal.

Crysta is a magnetically vibrant, charismatic woman. Now she can claim these traits as she knows she will only attract them in others.


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Without understanding why, Caryn always felt the emotions of others. She was a sensitive child, and had the ability to feel other realities. Intuitive, smart, and pretty, with a Southern California Beach style tan, I liked Caryn a lot. But I did NOT like this house!

As Executive Producer Mark Marinaccio greeted me that morning, he asked me what I felt about this place. Immediately I wanted to throw up! I felt sick and nauseous, and could feel a wicked, alcoholic, extremely addicted spirit around the house.

This ghost was a low life. Him, his energy, his story, the house, the experiences—everything was reminiscent of Dante’s Inferno—a real living Hell.

I didn’t have my glasses on, so when I first saw Caryn at a distance, she was a little out of focus. But as I got closer to say hello, she stayed out of focus, as if she were “clouded” by all that she had been through. This dusty shadow laid over her skin. Her light was dim. Her voice cracked. She was weak, exhausted and confused.

Red eyes, stalking, inappropriate, sick behavior–she experienced and felt it all. She was so clairsentient (clear-feeling) and highly attuned to the intentions of this awful monster. Not only did this ghost threaten her, but his low-life energy also permeated her beautiful light and created a vortex of evil entities that were attached to this house, her childhood home.

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(Note: Although she had moved out of the house, I found it astonishing that the current tenant had huge cloth posters of Demon-like figures. Talk about the law of attraction! This place was a super highway of lost, tortured souls!)

As we filmed the resolve, I pondered for a split second as to whether or not I should “channel” this story of this sadistic spirit. I knew I was going to be loud, and I knew I was going be offensive. And I was.

I screamed and hollered as if I were this man. I felt his rage. (I’m sure I could be heard down the street!) My back got red and it felt seared—as if I were being burned alive! I was face to face with the ultimate opposition. Yet, at the same time, I felt the presence of a Higher Power.

I also knew from years of experience that by allowing the effects of someone’s pain to be heard, everyone involved is healed—on some level. It became clear to me was that this story was not about the abuser, or sick soul, but about the victim…a young girl, a daughter, who once lived in this house as a child. When Caryn moved in as a little girl, she became this nasty spirit’s new favorite target.

Within seconds I could feel the reason we were here at this house: to release the pain of the little girl from another time, to surrender the current events, and to separate the spirit’s behaviors from his effects on Caryn. Most of all, it was to have Caryn witness the experience.

So we blessed the house and released the negative energy. We also celebrated Caryn, her unique gifts, talent and worth. After this, her cloud lifted and her renewed beauty came through. Finally and deservedly, she felt peace. This part of her life was over.

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