'Stalked By a Ghost' Episode 1: Behind the Scenes With Patricia & Stasia

Did you miss the premiere of 'Stalked By a Ghost'? Have no fear (well...maybe you should): Psychic medium Cindy Goldenberg gives us an inside look at what she experienced in the first episode!
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For Patricia's story, we filmed in Manhattan Beach, just south of Los Angeles. Right away, my psychic senses felt fear and anxiety. I say “psychic” because personally I was very happy, enthused, and calm. I also felt the higher vibrations of serene, peaceful spirits, like angels and higher beings. And I knew we were in good hands.

But then the flying sensations began. Mark Marinaccio, the creator and executive producer, asked me what I was sensing. My intuitive feelings and emotions skyrocketed. I couldn’t remember my phone number, where I lived, or what I had for breakfast…nor did I care. I was lit.

Ninety-nine percent of me wanted to woosh Patricia off of her feet, shower her with extraordinary details, and elevate her awareness to her true, higher self...where no fear exists. But I couldn’t. I had to stay grounded and listen.

As filming began and we walked into different rooms, I reported the paranormal experiences as if they were borrowed memories…in a “just the facts ma’am” sort of way. I heard table slapping, TV’s coming on and off, again, as a psychic memory.

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With Patricia, I didn’t just feel one person, or ghost, as much as I sensed a portal, or threshold of fearful thought forms. (Thought forms are actual things, created by fear, ours and/or someone else’s that can drain our energy and affect our life. However, our brilliance is much more powerful.) Yet Patricia was being bothered by both, especially one ghost who kept touching and scratching her.

Patricia, like most of the other women in the show, was very intuitive, and could feel alternative realities. She sensed a parallel time, especially in her bedroom mirror. I saw the Old West like she did from this antique. (I just want to mention that most objects, especially antiques, carry rich vibrations and history. And, we can always clear it through simple intention.)

However, her stalkers were actually a few different things—earthbound spirits and thought forms.

Yet it was her deceased brother who was always with her, like a guardian angel. I felt him throughout the whole day, hugging her, smiling, enjoying the day’s filming.

By the end of the day, Patricia lovingly connected with her brother, as well as understood the reasons behind her ghost encounters. She’s a powerful, elegant woman with a beautiful, giving heart—one that will attract rich experiences for a long time, I’m sure.


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Stasia was absolutely enchanting. I’m 6’1”, and I think she barely came up to my shoulder. She was petite, charming, lovely yet resilient. Being a yoga instructor, you could tell she was well versed in being balanced and in touch with the universal divine energy. Right away we smiled and connected as if we’d known each other for years.

After a few minutes inside her house, I could sense her angry husband. Not a bad guy. Just a man frustrated by not being heard.

Now, not every ghost is the same. At least it’s not for me. I can feel the various levels of threat, drama, or anger—if it’s a supernatural realm, another time, inter-dimensional reality, or perceived hell.

This was a man simply caught in time because he died so suddenly. His frustration was evident. He was protective and didn’t like Mark Marinaccio. Again, not because he was a mean spirit, but because Mark’s composure represented a healthy and loving energy.

The husband was not happy.

Still, it was a fantastic day…and a delightful surprise. We got to drive across the city of Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon National Park. Better yet, I got to totally reminisce about my “Las Vegas Showgirl” days to everyone in the car! (I’ve got good stories about the 70s, baby!)

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We had a lovely picnic lunch up at Red Rock. It was surreal…so beautiful and soundless. We resumed filming, and Stasia continued sharing her stories of seeing other spirits as well as her husband. I think even a novice could see the spiritual realm in this phenomenal place!

When we got back to the house, we filmed the resolve. I channeled the story of her husband, his motorcycle accident, his childhood, his unfortunate experiences, and I saw him as a beautiful, innocent young child. He was alive and real. And he stood next to his older, current self, as the husband, and extended his hand. His younger self came to his older self and together they walked into a beautiful light..above the refrigerator..like a holographic projected movie.

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What I enjoyed most was “tuning” into Stasia…her greatness, personal power, and soul destiny. Although small, she was a giant spiritual warrior who was meant to provide forgiveness and strength for any confused souls…and she knew it, and felt it. As we filmed our conversation, I saw her golden yellow aura literally glow off her shoulders and fill the room with light.

As the film crew packed up at the end of the day, she and I walked through her house, smudging it with burning sage then spraying essential oils. This was to remove all residues…of arguments, emotions, essentially anything of the past and to anchor a new, fresh beginning. It was a remarkable day.

'Stalked By a Ghost' airs Mondays at 10/9c on the Bio Channel.