'Say Anything' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Cameron Crowe's 'Say Anything' celebrates 25 years of boombox serenading and one of the most heartbreaking movie lines of all time: 'I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.' Gawwd...
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Say Anything Photo

Say Anything, 1989. (Photo: Photofest)

Break out the silver: Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court are celebrating their 25th anniversary today. It’s hard to believe almost a quarter century has passed since John Cusack boombox serenaded Ione Skye in the teen romantic comedy, Say Anything. Unlike many other films of the 80s, this one stands the test of time. That’s in large part thanks to director Cameron Crowe. Although it was his directorial debut, he managed to assemble the key ingredients for a timeless rom com: two leads with great chemistry, a soundtrack reminiscent of a lovestruck mixtape (Peter Gabriel, we worship you!), and a cast overflowing with talent. Where are they now? Read below and find out.

John Cusack

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Crazy but true: John Cusack initially turned down the role of Lloyd Dobler. Turns out, the star of One Crazy Summer and Better Off Dead was tired of starring in teenage love romps. In fact, Crowe had to agree to script revisions before Cusack joined the cast. Good thing he did. Ever since, Cusack has kickboxed his way up the Hollywood food chain with memorable roles in such films as Grosse Point Blank, Con Air, and Being John Malkovich. His most recent films have included the indie flick Adult World and the thriller Bag Man, where he co-starred with Robert DeNiro. He’ll soon be appearing opposite Samuel L. Jackson in The Cell, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about a zombie apocalypse. An outspoken advocate of journalistic freedom and privacy, the Illinois native also serves on the board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation along with NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

Ione Skye

Ione Skye Photo

As Diane Court, Ione Skye glimpsed our future and warned us to go back, only to be answered with awkward silence. The actor (and daughter of folk star, Donovan) was only 16 when she played the glamorous valedictorian with a severe case of pteromerhanophobia, otherwise known as a freakish fear of flying. And although Skye seemed poised to be Hollywood’s new It Girl, her life after the film was met with modest success—a fact she has attributed to her involvement throughout the 1990s with Beastie Boys’ Adam Horovitz, whom she toured with, married, and eventually divorced. In 2008, she married Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee. The couple have one daughter together. (Skye also has a daughter with designer David Netto.) An avid painter, Skye practices yoga and Buddhism. She recently published a children’s book called My Yiddish Vacation.

Lili Taylor

Lili Taylor Photo

Lili Taylor’s rendition of “Joe Lies When He Cries” may never have made the Billboard charts, but the actress went on to have plenty of success anyway. While some of her more memorable film hits include Mystic Pizza and Ransom, Taylor scared the bejesus out of millions just last year in the hit horror movie, The Conjuring. She also has a recurring role on the sci-fi cop show Almost Human. Her most recent film role in The Cold Lands cast her as a drifter who befriends a young runaway. Later this year, however, Taylor will return to her first love: the stage. She’s scheduled to star in The Library, an off-Broadway play directed by Steven Soderbergh about the aftermath of a school shooting. She is married to writer Nick Flynn, with whom she has a daughter.

John Mahoney

John Mahoney Photo

As James Court, John Mahoney played a doting, single father whose only crime was loving his daughter too much...that and embezzling money from helpless old people. For nine years, the Tony Award-winning actor appeared as the gruff Marty Crane on the television series Frazier. He’s had numerous movie roles, but says he’s most frequently recognized for his work in Say Anything. Nowadays, the septuagenarian lives in Oak Park, Illinois and will be appearing in an upcoming play called The Herd in Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater.

Eric Stoltz

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While working on the set of Say Anything, Eric Stoltz was employed both as an actor as well as a production assistant. Rumor has it he was even tasked with fetching coffee for John Cusack. According to Stoltz, even to this day, people hand him their keys at parties. But fortunately he doesn’t have to dress up like the Lakeside Rooster to get attention. Stoltz was arguably one of the most recognizable redheaded actors in the '80s, appearing in films like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Mask, and Some Kind of Wonderful. These days he's been diving into television, including acting and directing stints on Grey’s Anatomy, Battlestar Galactica, and Glee. This summer, he’ll appear in the film Fort McCoy, a true story about a Wisconsin family living next to a Nazi POW camp during WWII.