Prince George's Astrological Chart: Taking a Deeper Look With Susan Miller

Now that the world knows all the details of the new royal Prince's birth, distinguished and internationally renowned astrologer Susan Miller offers a more in-depth look at what his future may hold.
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Everyone, the world over, is excited about the birth of the royal baby, Prince George, born July 23, 2013 at 4:24 PM in London, England. I will address the family in a moment, but let’s first look at the child’s natal chart.

The royal baby is a Cancer but is Cancer by being only a hair’s breadth away from Leo.

In astrology, the Sun represents the place you shine in life. The house in which the Sun is found in your chart is also critical. In this case Prince George’s natal sun is found in his eighth house of other people's money. Money and financial management will be a key focus to this child when he grows up, but I will tell you more about that later, as we are getting a little ahead of ourselves...

First: A Definition of Astrology

A misconception about astrology is that it foretells the future and that somehow predestination is involved. This is not the case at all. We have free will, a point always to keep in mind. Astrology can show personality proclivities and talents, and can also show a person’s best, most favorable days to stage an initiation. If you take no action, however, that aspect will pass, and nothing special is likely to happen. In that sense, astrology is best used for planning your most vital actions. If you work in sync with the universe, you will have better results than if you don’t.


It will always be up to you to develop talents and opportunities that are indicated in your natal chart. An astrologer can never tell you to marry that person, quit your job, or move cross- country, for example—those decisions will always be yours. Astrology is best used for planning important actions, and should never be thought of as a tool of divination.

An Explanation of the Rising Sign, a Key Element in a Chart

The rising sign is the sign that was "rising" or coming up over the eastern horizon at birth, and is every bit as important as the Sun sign. The rising sign can only be determined by knowing the day, month, year, time of birth to the precise minute, and the city of birth.

For baby Prince George, he has Scorpio rising.

And Finally, What It Means to Be a Cusp Baby, Like Prince George

Cusp babies (born between two signs as this child does, between Cancer and Leo) are often fortunate, for those individuals partake the finest qualities of both signs. This means that the fact that Prince George was born so close to Leo, he will make a fine ruler, as Leo is the sign of royalty and leadership. Not withstanding what I just said, only one heavenly body can rule the chart, and for Prince George, the moon will take center stage, for the moon rules Cancer. This means mum Kate Middleton will have a bigger parental influence on the child than dad. If the child had been a Leo, ruled by the Sun, (which always points to males, and always to the father) then Prince William would have the dominant role. We are splitting hairs here, but mathematics tells all.

Prince George's Chart

In the royal baby’s chart, Venus is the Prince’s most highly elevated planet indicating Prince George will be deeply loved by people all over the world.

Cancer is a modest sign, while Leo is more comfortable in more gregarious roles that place him in front and center of many other people. Prince William is a Cancer, and Princess Diana was a Cancer, so Prince George will have the same kind of modesty and need for privacy that both his father and grandmother displayed. The child’s Scorpio rising also underscores his future deep need for privacy, too, and an expectation for loyalty and discretion from those he will befriend or interact with in life.

The royal family is heavily represented in water which is why I am relieved this child has a water-sign sun—Cancer. As said, Princess Diana was water sign Cancer. Grandfather Prince Charles is water-sign Scorpio. Father Prince William is water-sign Cancer, and mother Kate is earth-sign Capricorn. (Earth and water are highly compatible elements that are fertile and creative. Earth and water produce flowers!) Both William and Kate were born with the moon in Cancer, considered the finest, most loving place for the moon to be, adding to the Cancer emphasis in the family.

Proud grandparents Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles leaving St. Mary's Hospital on July 23rd.

Proud grandparents Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles leaving St. Mary's Hospital on July 23rd.

Cancer values the family life, almost above all else in life. It is a nurturing, compassionate sign, and also highly intuitive and a high degree of emotional intelligence. Cancer is shy and modest, not at all boisterous or egotistical, and quite frugal and prudent in the way it spends and allocates money.

As a Cancer, Prince William will take his role of father seriously. Once he goes back to work, he will not be back for two months to see his new baby, so he will find it painfully hard to leave him and Kate behind. He will be a tender father—if any disciplining is necessary, that duty will fall to Kate. Most Cancers cannot bring themselves to say as much as a harsh word to their children.


As said before, mum Kate is a Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn, so she undoubtedly enjoys history, tradition, ritual, and structure. She will be the ideal mother to the future monarch of the British Crown as Kate will cheerfully go about her royal duties, and at the same time set up a strong, secure family life for the child.

Her Capricorn sun suggests she cares deeply about reputation, so she will teach her child to always behave with decorum and to not have lapses in judgment that may be picked up by the paparazzi and splashed over newspapers around the world. Capricorn is a sign that does not want the family embarrassed in any way. This child is not a rebel nor would ever be wild—as a Cancer, he will want to protect, not challenge the family name.

The Family Business

Going back to the little Prince, Cancers are so attached to their families that they choose to go into the family business. In general, most Cancers like to be self-employed, so the lure of going into a business that would allow the child to run his own shop when he grows up is usually strong. In this case, the royal child's profession has been decided for him. Still I do not see any evidence he would want to abdicate the role of King in the distant future.

As said earlier, this child will be interested in managing money, and will find ways to make the royal family’s fortune multiply. I say that because he has four planets in his natal eighth house of other people's money (ruling inheritance, bank loans, venture capital and so forth) and two natal planets in the house of earned income—that's six out of ten heavenly bodies in the only two financial houses of the chart.

Proud grandparents Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton on July 23rd.

Proud grandparents Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton on July 23rd.

In terms of Prince George’s personality, Scorpio rising will make him very private in all his actions, and with his Cancer planets, he may not speak up when something is troubling him. This personality proclivity is not always good, for often he may become tangled within his own yarn as he tries to find answers on his own. The crab emblematic of Cancer hides and protects his soft underbelly, which symbolizes vulnerability. This explains why Cancer is often not inclined to open up to others—they do not want to expose any type of weakness. Kate and William need to watch for times when (or if) the child seems to brood or be withdrawn. It may be wise to teach him to open up to a trusted family member or professional to get another person's advice and new perspective.

Prince George & His Gifted Talent

Prince George has Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, a rare and favorable aspect, so this child might be gifted with a certain artistic talent. I am not sure what talent that might be.

Whatever inclination he might show should be developed, for it would be an artistic talent that would allow him to produce works of art that others would likely be willing to pay a handsome sum to own, whether that be a recording of a musical performance, a painting, or piece of sculpture—the possibilities are endless. Maybe this would be one way Prince George would raise more money for his charities.


This line of thinking made me wonder, what if he will show exceptional talent, like that of a Picasso, for example? Would his role as King in waiting (as they say, it will take 60 or more years for him to ascend to the throne) make him think twice about developing that talent? Or, if he does, what if his talent is so great, would it overshadow his role as King? It is a hypothetical question, but one I’ve been thinking about over the past several days.

One last thing to consider: The world must watch and wait patiently as this child grows into the exceptional person and future King he is meant to be. The golden triangle of major outer planets (Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter) that was at play the week he was born produced this child now for a reason. Now we must watch and wait to see the grand potential of this individual unfold!